4th of October - performance - Imagine human: Krõõt Juurak & Alex Bailey with 'Codomestication'

8th - 12th of October - festival - News from Polska #4 - Teritoriile Coregrafiei @CNDB

15th of October (19h30) - performance - Imagine human: Jassem Hindi

18th of October (19h00) - performance - Imagine human: black box

19th, 20th of October (19h30) -  performance - Daughters, de Simona Deaconescu

22nd of October - launching event for SPAM platform @CNDB

25th, 26th of October - performance - Nu o lua personal, by Irina Marinescu

26th of October (18h00) – presentation – 85% of what you remember, piece developed by Cristina Lilienfeld in ReeDANS

27th of October (19h30) – presentation –  I am here still, piece developed by Bogdan Olarson in ReeDANS

26, 27 octombrie - CNDB workshop: "Of body and words" w/ Valentina de Piante @Timișoara

29th of October - performance - Sexodrom, produced by Giuvlipen

30th of October - exhibition - Dance Archives