8th of January, 19h00 - Mișcare/Vitalitate, workshop led by Mădălina Dan

12th of January, 18h00 - Performance Super OK

30th of January, 19h00 - Decentered 7 - undisciplined meetings

11th of February - 15th of March - CNDB Performative School for children

13th of February, 19h00 - Mișcare/Vitalitate, workshop led by Mădălina Dan

21st of February, 19h00 - Decentered 8 - undisciplined meetings

2nd of March - Contemporary Dance Workshop - Dorian Mallia & Moveo Dance Company

2nd of March - performance - The Other Door - What's Wrong, Why not?! (Moveo Dance Company) 

20th of March, 19h00 - Descentrat - undisciplined meetings

6th of April - Mothers of Steel @ Theatre Vanves (France) (RO-FR season)

24th, 25th of April, 19h30 - Déracinés, by Bogdan Zamfir (RO-FR season)

13th - 22nd of May - installation - Danse des guerriers de la ville; production of Par Terre Company(FR) @ CNDB (RO-FR season)

10th - 23rd of June - Contact Bucharest Festival 2019

26th of June, 19h00 - conference - Gilles Clement (RO-FR season)

28th of June, 19h00 - performance - AU, by Christian Ubl (RO-FR season)