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Clădirea Centrului Național al Cinematografiei



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Centrul Național al Dansului București


O.P. 37, C.P. 26, sector 2, București


Secretariat: 021-318.86.76


Fax: 021-319.72.06


tel: + 004 0746 099 942


Contabilitate: 021-319.73.82



2. Miscellaneous

The document you are reading is, in fact, one of the ways in which we wish to show you that the trust you have in us is not unilateral. We, in turn, are doing everything we can so that your visit on our website is as pleasant and devoid of unforeseen consequences as it can be.

Please contact us at dpo@cndb.ro with any question about the terms described in the following or any other issues related to the way in which we aim to protect the privacy of your data.


3. What kind of information do we store about you

The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest collects information from its users straight from each visitor, through his or hers registration: name and email address in the section "Subscribe to our newsletter".

Information provided by the user:

When you subscribe to a service provided by the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest, we require your name and email address.

Information from the server's traffic report:

Whenever you visite a website, you reveal certain information about you, like your IP, the time of your visit and the place from where you visited our website. The National Centre for Dance, like other operators, stores this information.


With the purpose of offering a personalised service to our users, the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest may use cookies to facilitate the storing and tracking of your preferences. For example, we may use cookies to identify you and in order to provide you information and services based on the preferences expressed in your previous visits. Also, third party online advertising networks may use cookies to adapt advertising ads in accordance to your preferences. Cookies are .txt files provided to your browser by a web server and then stored and the hard drive of your computer. Cookie use is a current standard for a lot of the important websites you visit. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you prefer, you can reset your browser to either notify you whenever you receive a cookie, or even refuse to accept cookies. Nevertheless, you have to understand that some sections of our website will not be visualised properly if you have set your browser to reject cookies.

Details on our cookie policy are available here. - link către politica Cookies

4. How and where is the information being used

The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest uses the information gathered from you only for the purpose of its acquiring and stores the data for just as long as necessary pertaining to that purpose. We will store our users' information for the duration of the activity of their accounts, in order to provide our services, in conformity with our legal obligations. Access to personal information is strictly limited to the personnel tasked with operating the newsletter service.

5. How do we protect the information we collect from you

The privacy and protection of the information collected from you is of the utmost importance to us. The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest does not offer the stored information to any third parties. Any statistics regarding the traffic of our users that we may offer to partner websites is only provided as a data ensemble and does not include any personally identifiable information on any individual user.

When we receive your information, we guarantee you we will do our best to ensure their safety in our systems, in accordance with the security standards imposed by current Romanian laws.


6. Who has access to your information

The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest will not reveal any personally identifiable information about its users to third parties without first receiving the expressly formulated consent of its users on this matter.

However, every time a service of this kind is provided in partnership with another website, you will be notified. In order to provide services of the highest standards, sharing your personal information with a partner website or service is necessary. If you do not want this personal information to be shared, you may act in accordance to disallow the transfer of the data, by not utilising that particular service.

If you choose to accept the sharing of the data, you must understand that the providers of the partnering service may have separate privacy and data collection policies.

The National Centre for Dance does not have any sort of control and cannot guarantee on all the legal aspects that these independent privacy policies may imply.

7. The rights of the person concerned

Any information provided by you will be considered to represent your consent towards the use of your personal data by the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest, in accordance with the purposes mentioned above.

If you are a EU resident, you have certain rights pertaining to your Personal Data. We kindly ask you to bear in mind that certain exceptions to these rights may apply, so you may not be able to exercise these rights in all situations. Also, these rights may differ from one EU member to another.



• The right to access your data: you have the right to access any data stored about you by the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest, in general, within one month of your request.

• The right to rectify your data: you may request to modify incorrect or incomplete Personal Data.

• The right to erase your data: you may request the deletion of Personal Data in certain situations mentioned in Article 17 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we will take any reasonable measure to inform the other operators that use your data about your request for the deletion of any data or copies thereof.

• The right to withdraw your consent: you can withdraw any consent given for the use of your data and to prevent its further use, if the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest does not have legal cause for the use of your Personal Data.

• The right to restrict the use: you may request that certain Personal Data be marked as restricted for the duration of the settlement of certain complaints and you can also restrict the use of your data in other situations.

• The right to object: you have the right to object regarding the use of your Personal Data by the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest. We will stop using your data with the exception of cases in which: 1) there is legitimate reason for the processing that go beyond interests, rights and liberties; or 2) The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest has to continue processing your personal information to establish, exercise or defend a legal complaint;

• The right to the portability of the data: you can ask us to transmit the Personal Data we store to a third party, by electronic means.


• The right to file a complaint: you may file a complaint about the use of your data by our company with the authority that regulates the protection of data.


8. Modifications of this policy.

This policy may be updated from time to time, for example through the modification of the relevant laws.

If alterations of the material are made, clients will be notified via email or through our website, before the changes come into effect.