October 25th 2016


On Wednesday, October 26th of the current year, starting with 04:30 p.m., a ceremony of bestowing honours to several cultural personalities will take place at the Cotroceni Palace.

As a sign of gratitude for the remarkable contribution to the prestige of the performing arts, for their distinguished engagement in promoting Romanian theatre and cinematography, both in Romania and abroad, the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, will appoint Mr. Radu Afrim, director, Mr. Constantin Cojocaru, actor, Ms. Gianina Cărbunariu, playwright and director, Mr. Sorin Leoveanu, actor, Mr. Marius Manole, actor, and Ms. Varvara Cătălina (Vava) Ștefănescu, choreographer and dance artist, Knights of the Order “The Cultural Merit”, category D “Show Arts”.   

Also, Mr. Alexander Hausvater, director, will be appointed Knight of the National Order of “The Star of Romania” , as a sign of deep appreciation for his lifetime activity as a director, for his remarkable contribution to the promotion of Romania’s image and culture in the world, for his distinguished activity in the academic field, during which he has trained with great thoroughness, but also with notable warmth and openness, whole generations of directors. 

Also, celebrating 140 years since it has been established and as a sign of deep appreciation for the publication’s highly esteemed activity, around which a formidable elite formed in the spirit of true values and the dialogue of ideas, contributing to the development of the Romanian civic and cultural milieu, Mr. Klaus Iohannis will award the the publication “Timpul (Time)” Knighthood of the Order “Cultural Merit”, F category “Advancement of Culture”.