Simona Deaconescu presents COUNTERBODY at CNDB

The choreographer’s new show, a co-production between the Tangaj Dance Association and the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest, combines dance, installation and music.

Bucharest, May 10, 2017 – The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest (CNDB) will host the premiere and avant-premiere of the show COUNTERBODY, choreographed by Simona Deaconescu, on May 19 and May 20, 2017, respectively, at 7.30 PM in each day.

COUNTERBODY is a show containing dance, installation and music in which all the elements can be regarded as particles in constant movement, mutable and parallel. The dramaturgy and curatorial support belong to Olivia Nițiș, Ciprian Ciuclea created the visual composition, and Cătălin Crețu composed the music. The eight dancers in the show are Alexandra Bălășoiu, Andreea Belu, Corina Tătărău, Denis Bolborea, George Alexandru Pleșca, Georgeta Corca, Marian "Franke" Octavian and Simona Dabija.

The show marks the launch of the “Camera 0004_Spații Sonice” project, which will include a series of public interventions between August and October 2017. The project is a co-production between the Tangaj Dance Association and the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest and it is co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN). The official partner of the project is the Experimental Project Association.

According to curator Olivia Nițiș, the show’s starting point have been attempts to deconstruct, destructure and disembody through relativisation processes assumed in the field of dance, but also through a concept that includes multiple layers of decoding. The installation, the text and the original music decompose and recompose the movement spaces, accentuating the constant relationship of body-space transfer.

“In each rehearsal, ’COUNTERBODY’ teleports me into a parallel reality and it allows me the opportunity to discover new layers of understanding, rooted at the boundary between rational and irrational. Together with the performers, I’ve searched for a new body that functions according to the principle of contradictions, a tense combination of fragility and super-power, alienated and connected with the exterior, disorganised and fluid, capable to absorb and transform the information flux in astonishing ways”, says Simona Deaconescu.

“We wished for an evolved body, that wasn’t entirely under our control, a body that could surprise and change us. The eight dancers contributed hugely to the way in which this body functions, each of them coming with a wealth of information, willing to delve deep into hidden fantasies and trying to develop a new world with each stimulus coming from the exterior. The biggest challenge was the attempt to stabilise a fluctuating process and, finally, to transform an intuitive phenomenon into a method”, added the choreographer.

Tickets cost 35 lei (full price) or 20 lei (reduced) and can be purchased online, at, or from the Stere Popescu Hall, before each show.

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