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Sala Omnia To Be Ready in 2019

The National Dance Centre in Bucharest will move to its new home in 2019, according to Bogdan Trîmbaciu, manager of the Project Management Unit within the Ministry for Culture.


21 September 2016

Bucharest – Corina Şuteu, Minister for Culture, Bogdan Trîmbaciu, manager of the Project Management Unit within the Ministry for Culture, and Elena Seimeanu, manager of the Procurement, Administration and Investment Department in the same institution participated on Monday, 19 September 2016, in a meeting with representatives of the choreography and arts community collaborating with the National Dance Centre in Bucharest, organised at the Stere Popescu Hall on 80-82 Mărăşeşti Boulevard.

The representatives of the Ministry for Culture at this meeting assured artists and choreographers in the field of contemporary dance that Omnia Hall, now under the administration of the NDCB according to the Government Resolution passed in the meeting on Thursday, 8 September 2016 and published in the Official Gazette, Part I, no. 722, of 19 September 2016, will be used as of the first half of 2019 at the latest.

“We expect a sort of a shared accountability between the administration remaining in office and the carriers of the project, in the person of the officials present here, and for you to follow up together with them what will happen with this Centre, what is the schedule put forward and how works will progress so that this Centre becomes indeed a centre dedicated to dance.”, said Corina Şuteu in closing the meeting.

“Omnia Hall is included in the Framework Agreement with the The Council of Europe Development Bank which was also the resource of the Ministry for Culture and of the Project Management Unit in the works for the National Library. We have great plans together with the management of the Centre and with the Ministry for Culture and the Minister for Culture.”, added Bogdan Trîmbaciu. “We affirmed that you have now more than a hall because there's also a considerable amount involved, approximately 12 million Euro to be specific, for the renovation of the building. We have already initiated the discussion with manager Vava Ştefănescu and have received your design theme. This represents, overall, what the National Dance Centre intends to do there, including the type of spaces and how the hall should look like, the required equipment and everything necessary so that it meets the needs of such a Centre.

The manager of the Project Management Unit with the Ministry for Culture also explained how the works for the renovation of the Omnia Hall will progress: “5 million Euro will be granted from next year's budget so that to initiate the works. And how will do so? We consider organising a solution project competition since we need an architectural vision to take into account your requirements, considering that the building is a historic monument undergoing changes – it was a congress hall build before the regime before 1989.”

We intend to devise a faster procedure so that the solution project competition takes places and the project for the future Omnia Hall is appointed and its execution takes no longer than 2 years. We'll extend our best efforts to complete this process by the end of 2018 but it all depends on the duration of the tenders. What we can say now is that by the end of 2015 or through mid 2019 at the latest the National Dance Centre will be ready for you to use it. These are fixed terms, the budget will not go anywhere, as it is included in the loan framework agreement, it is allocated to the Ministry for Culture, according to the limits we have for 2017 at the Ministry for Finance, they are provided there.

“The colleagues drafting the Government Resolution specified you as beneficiaries of the financing through the Project Management Unit, so that the money is not lost with the transfer and that you will be sure to have within two years a new building for you to use according to your needs.”, added Elena Seimeanu, manager of the Procurement, Administration and Investment Department.

The National Dance Centre in Bucharest is the only cultural public institution subordinated to the Ministry for Culture organised with the purpose of supporting, developing and promoting contemporary dance.

The Centre supports and promotes programs and projects contributing to the development of choreography culture and that allow the local scene to participate in an internationally extended dialogue. NDCB encourages research, experiment and innovation in the field of practices and theories in contemporary art and contributes to creating an environment open to dialogue, reflection and debate.

Devised as a dynamic and flexible interface for the networking between dance professionals and wide audiences, the NDCB presents every year a performance series inviting Romanian and international contemporary dance productions, and the international co-productions that the Centre support, thus presenting a wide range pf artistic discourses and aesthetic expressions to the audience.

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