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Mădălina Dan is National Dance Centre's 2016 Associate Artist

One of the major dancers and choreographers of the new generation connects the arts communities in Bucharest and Berlin


Bucharest, May 4th 2016 – The National Dance Centre of Bucharest (CNDB) is delighted to inform you that the 2016 associate artist is choreographer and dancer Mădălina Dan. She was appointed upon a curatorial mandate to develop under the umbrella of international arts landscape and to keep the audience and artists in Romania updated with an influential European program.

Mădălina Dan's curatorial program develops on three main directions: workshops for professionals, a short festival and an update of the Amprenta project.



“The Program I was invited to by the National Dance Centre focuses on the past two years that I have spent in the academic and arts context in Berlin where I attended a master degree program. I will now present in Bucharest my newest works as well as some of my colleagues and mentors in my studies. My vision focuses on disseminating and sharing contacts and experience gained during my master studies. I aim to facilitate an educational and training framework and to create a meeting point between the arts community in Romania and the diverse educational and arts context in Berlin. This framework directly avoids unidirectional actions and hierarchies, from the dominant voice, privileged by the trainer to the one being trained and it comes as a formative proposal for both artists and theorists invited. Decentralisation of information, access to resources, current perspectives and trends and local and global contemporary aesthetics in motion are shared that are differently shared and received are few of the aspects that I intend to include as my contribution to this curatorial initiative. This is an initiative that somehow continues former activist actions aimed at the facilitation and diversification of information in the field of contemporary dance and performance in Romania: the intensive practical and theoretical workshops program ''Întâlniri de gradul doi' [Second Degree Encounters],the performance and improvisation laboratory and the movement workshops that we organised for 7 years.” said Mădălina Dan.


The first axis of the program resides in theoretic and practical workshops to take place in June 2016. These are dance workshops and laboratories focused on movement techniques and principles such as Skinner Release, Instant Composition, Laban Movement Analysis (to be delivered by Bettina Neuhaus and Jan Burkhardt), as well as laboratories focused on methodology, theoretic and discourse approaches addressed to practitioners and to the new generations of choreographers and artists of the Romanian dance stage. 

Siegmar Zacharias, Constanze Schellow and Martina Ruhsam will propose these laboratory frames and, in the end, they will deliver talks on the topics of specific issues in the area of interest addressed during the laboratories, and on the general cultural and philosophical context.

The second curatorial layer will present some of the works created during the Master Solo Dance Authorship (SoDA), between 2014 and 2016. This short festival is an opportunity to present original choreography works and works that have never been presented before, as they were created or the graduation of the master studies. On the other hand, the short festival aims to become a debate platform and a mean to share the specific artistic processes specific to SoDA and to have them in a dialogue with the dance and performance stage in Romania. The short-festival with participations, among others, from Andrew Kerton, Joshua Rutter, Oliver Connew and Ivo Serra, will take place between September 5th and 11th, 2016.

The third part resides in a presentation at the CNDB of Mădălina Dan's newest performances, as well as some older performances and collaborations, brought together in November under the umbrella of the Amprenta Project.


All the details on Mădălina Dan's curatorial program will be timely announced by CNDB through its channels: press releases, web and Facebook pages.


Mădălina Dan was awarded at the CNDB Awards 2015. She initiated and produced several performances, debates, dance workshops. For her constant presence on the Romanian dance stage and for being one of the major artists of the new generation of dancers and choreographers, Mădălina Dan was awarded for her contribution to dance and performance through workshops, creation laboratories and mentoring projects.


Master of Arts Solo/Dance/Authorship SoDA is a dance and performance Master Degree at The Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) and The Arts University, Berlin (UdK). Performance oriented, it is a postgraduate program for practitioners of various arts areas who want to extend, transform and enhance their art practice with theoretic, practical and critical approaches.

SoDA proposes an investigation of dance and performance in extended terms of their interweaving and interferences with the broader stage of contemporary arts. Notions such as composition, collaboration, research and working process are approached in a corporeal environment in a dialogue with other interdisciplinary creative initiatives from the field of multimedia arts, visual arts, philosophy, philology, theatre, social-political studies etc. SoDA is an arts program structured on the development of methodologies to generate reflection based on practice and vice-versa, on the documentation and archiving of the process in work-notebooks, on questioning and contextualisation, on discursive investigation in dialogue with other artists, mentors, tutors and theorists.



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