CNDB continues series of summer events

The courtyard of the Stere Popescu hall is open to the public each Sunday, with outdoor activities, screenings, dance and music

Bucharest, June 20, 2017 – The National Centre for Dance in Bucharest restarts its series of summer events titled ”CNDB Domol” (”Slow CNDB”), which started in 2016 and saw a number of artists, cultural managers and curators activate the courtyard of the Stere Popescu hall in Mărășești Boulevard 80-82 with their musical selections.

Starting June 25, 2017, CNDB continues this format with an even more generous programme: physical activities (dancing and sports) in the yard during the day, but also movie screenings, DJ sets and karaoke sessions in the evening. The events will take place on Sundays, until the end of September.

The first guest of this year’s CNDB Domol series is visual artist, poet and musician Gili Mocanu (aka Somnoroase Păsărele), who created, with Simina Oprescu, the “helipad” in the Stere Popescu yard, produced by H’art gallery at CNDB’s invitation.

On July 2, CNDB Domol will host Victor Stütz, Gabriel Leașcu and Aurel Minulescu, from the music site The Attic Magazine, organiser of the multicultural festival Outernational Days. They will be joined by the musicians from PFA Orchestra, who will rehearse for their Outernational Days show in CNDB’s yard, powered by Sâmbăta Sonoră (Anamaria Pravicencu and Octav Avramescu). The second edition of the festival will be hosted by the Uranus 144 garden and The ARK Bucharest between July 7 and July 9.

The artists invited to take part in the CNDB Domol Sundays this summer, whose full programme will be announced shortly, include choreographer, performer and queer activist Paul Dunca and choreographer Florin Fieroiu.

CNDB, with INTENSIVELY open doors

The ”CNDB, state institution” project started last summer and initiated by choreographer and dancer Andreea David (followed by the CNDB Domol series) involved the development, furnishing and activating of CNDB’s courtyard and its transformation into a public space, to be shared by the choreographic community, CNDB’s public and also the neighbourhood’s residents.

After organising a chair collection and a performative building site coordinated by Andreea David and facilitated by Anca Cioarec and Brîndușa Tudor (Stardust Architects) and Edi Constantin (Palier Design), the Stere Popescu yard generated and hosted meetings, concerts, parties, dance and movement exercises, choreographic practices, performative interventions, karaoke sessions and many other events, under the slogan ”CNDB, with INTENSIVELY open doors”. ”Chairs undergo a gradual decay, they deteriorate, but people regenerate their cells every day”, says Andreea David.

Last summer’s CNDB Domol events saw artists and cultural managers such as Chlorys, Cosima von Bülove, Eugen Rădescu and Ligia Keșișian Mitulescu, Adrian Mușat (Dosch Lazy), Andrei Grigore and Eugen Neluțescu play their musical selections in CNDB’s yard.

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