Budget cuts force CNDB to cancel important programs

Bucharest, 10th of April

Press release

Dear public, artists, collaborators and partners,

As a result of the budget allocation for 2019, the National Center for Dance Bucharest (CNDB) is unable to accomplish some of the objectives of its institutional mission and finds itself in the unprecedented situation of not being able to carry out many of the important projects it has scheduled for 2019.

The budget allocated for Goods and Services category by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity in 2019 is 731,000 ROL. In the absence of a functional owned space, a significant part is necessary to rent the space where the CNDB is currently operating, and another part will provide for functional expenses. Consequently, for Artist Programs and Projects in 2019, the remaining amount is 203,000 ROL.

Compared to 2018, for Goods and Services the 2019 budget is reduced by 41% (and by 55% compared to 2016) and the budget for Programs and Projects is 75% lower than in 2016. More than 200 artists with whom CNDB collaborates will be professionally affected, and the growing audiences will no longer have access to much of the CNDB's unique offer.

In the current context, CNDB is in a position to cancel several fundamental programs for the development of contemporary dance, including:

• 70% of the National Contemporary Dance Season;

• the only Romanian festival dedicated to contemporary dance, which would have been the sixth edition: International Performing Arts Festival - Like 2019 (30 artists and companies from Romania and abroad);

• two out of four projects organized within the Romania-France Season 2019;

• The CNDB Awards Gala;

CNDB is the only public cultural institution in Romania – performing arts institution – that is the equivalent of a National Theatre, dedicated to the development of contemporary dance. Despite its singular positioning, currently the investment that is being made in contemporary dance, at a budgetary commitment level, is below 10% compared to the average subsidy granted for performing arts institutions in general.

By its strategy and objectives, CNDB’s mission has diverse ramifications in order to organize programs and projects that ensure rehearsal spaces, financial resources and logistic support for the creation, production and presentation of national and international contemporary dance projects.

Romanian choreographers and dancers don’t have the opportunity of specialized, dedicated structures, in which they can be employed, CNDB being the only public institution in Romania that offers working spaces, financial resources and logistics for projects. CNDB is also the only House of Dance from Central and East Europe.

The insufficient budget of the last years was, until present day, supplemented with sustained efforts and with a considerable amount of help from our partners (26 institutional partners and 7 international partners), in order to carry out the programs and projects supporting the triple mission CNDB has as an institution.

Therefore, we would like to apologize to our beneficiaries (public and artists likewise) and to the same extent to our local and international partners for being bound to cancel projects in the following period. However, we assure you that we are doing everything we can in order to improve this predicament we are in.

Going back to 2018, with a subsidy of 500.000 ROL for programs and projects, The National Dance Center Bucharest managed to organize 89 performances, 35 partnership events, 3 new productions, 3 co-productions, 3 organized and hosted festivals, public debates and conferences on Romanian contemporary dance history and archives, 2 gatherings with the artistic community and over 2500 hours of workshops and contemporary dance classes for professionals and amateurs (children and adult), with a total of over 6000 spectators from Bucharest and across the country and 1500 spectators in Europe.