December 12th 2016, Bucharest

Six choreographers, performers and cultural managers have been awarded the traditional engraved bricks and Dan Perjovschi-drawn diplomas at the 3rd CNDB Awards ceremony.

December 11th 2016, Bucharest – On Saturday, December 10th, the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest (CNDB) has rewarded Brynjar Åbel Bandlien and Rui Catalão, Maria Baroncea, Miki Braniște, the „CONTEMP” Group (received by Adina Cezar) and Simona Deaconescu, during the #2016CNDBAwards gala.

The ceremony was held at the Stere Popescu Hall at CNDB’s headquarters in Mărășești Bvld. 80-82. During the gala, the journalists Dana Bergheș (SUB25), Cătălina Miciu (Scena9) and Gabriel Sandu (Beau Monde) also received diplomas for their reviews of performances hosted by the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest. The authors themselves entered their articles into the #ISawItAtCNDB contest (October 1st – December 1st 2016).

The gala featured musical intermezzos performed by members of “The Sung History of Romanian Dance”, project coordinated by Paul Dunca and Eduard Gabia and supported by CNDB through the selection for financing of programs and projects in 2016. An Omelette concert ended the event, during which the artists and the public danced together on the Stere Popescu Hall’s scene. 

The 2016 CNDB Awards’ winners were selected from the nominations made by the institution’s artistic board and the 2014 winners (Ioan Tugearu, Silvia Ghiață, Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmuș, Mihai Mihalcea, Cosmin Manolescu, Mihaela Alexandra Dancs) and 2015 winners (Liana Tugearu, Mădălina Dan, Miriam Răducanu, Eduard Gabia, Florin Fieroiu).

The nominators presented their motivation for the awards:

Brynjar Åbel Bandlien and Rui Catalão – for their activity as pioneers at the start of a new era in Romanian contemporary dance and for the projects that they made in Romania.

Maria Baroncea – for the progressive vision of the formats that she initiated for CNDB all these years, such as Easy Wednesday or Performative Cooperative.

Miki Braniște – for the consistency with which he promoted, produced and supported contemporary dance in the last ten years through the international festival Temps d’Images.

Adina Cezar - the CONTEMP Group – for the creation of alternative formats, of original artistic works during times of distress and for the encouragement and support that they showed youths. 

In a message read by the artist Mihai Mihalcea aka Farid Fairuz, Ms. Miriam Răducanu, one of the most distinguished personalities in the history of Romanian contemporary dance, has described Adina Cezar as an “extremely important creator for the introduction and development of contemporary dance in Romania.”

Simona Deaconescu – for the development of new artistic directions in Romanian contemporary dance by organising Bucharest International Dance Film Festival.

The Minister of Culture, Ms. Corina Șuteu, was the protagonist of a special moment at the beginning of the ceremony, during which she was awarded a trophy on behalf of CNDB and a diploma on behalf of the contemporary dance community, which was signed by all present. In it, Corina Șuteu was recognized for her historic merits of having translated promises into reality by signing the documents which allowed the Omnia Hall to pass under CNDB’s management, a decision as important as that of creating the institution.

Also, CNDB’s administrator, Mr. Cornel Frantz, has received a special prize on behalf of CNDB for the dedication and firmness with which he has worked in the backstage of contemporary dance for over five years as CNDB’s administrator. 

As in each year, the awards recognize excellence, they bear witness to valour, but do not attempt to establish a hierarchy. Also, as in past years, the diplomas offered by CNDB are drawn by Dan Perjovschi, while the trophies come in the shape of engraved and gold-foiled decorated bricks.

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