Sat 19.09.2009    12:00

Work in Regress, Saturday, 19th of September, 12:00h, The Round Hall

Departing from George Orwell’s “Animals Farm”, I began to think about a project focused on the concept of authority, as a system built on the relationship between a master and a property - two roles sharing a mutual dependence. The mutual dependence I am referring here to is the interchangeability these roles are part of: a ruler gets born out of a servant, the sense of the mastership is to generate, nurture and to further propagate mastership. During my residence at Eira33 - Lisbon, I created a story about an authority unable to rule over anything at all, as it is placed on a huge, vast, empty space. I was interested in searching which could be the actions of such a master and what kind of rituals he would create when missing the partner which activates his power. How would such a master react when meeting, one day, a very dumb sheep, for example?

Ioana Mona Popovici graduated the “Floria Capsali” Choreography Highschool and the Choreography Department of the University of Drama and Film in Bucharest. As a dancer she has worked with Karine Ponties, Sarah Bild, Frederique Lescure and Luis Guerra. From 2000-04 she was a member of the Charles Linehan Company – UK. Own performances: “From Nowhere to Everywhere”, ”The Outlaws”, „Buy a Soup Get One For Free“ , „Breath, Shadow, Nothing“, „Requiem For a Dog“, „The Chair“, „Remote Edens“, “Portrait” , “CARMEN MIRANDA IS DEAD“, "Work in Regress". For three of her performances she was selected as “Young Choreographer to Watch” in the German BalletTanz magazine. Her latest works such as “Requiem for a Dog”, “Portrait” and “Work in Regress” have been presented in festivals in Europe and in the Unites States.