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Wednesday, November 30th 2016

07:30 p.m.


Admission is free.


Concept and author: Vava Ştefănescu

Co-authors: Vlaicu Golcea (sound artist), Carmen Coțofană, Farid Fairuz, Mihaela Dancs/Vava Ștefănescu (performers)


“Quartet for a microphone” is a choreography and sound installation which revolves around several ideas related to confinement: the lack of distance, being the hostages of our own existence, tolerance. Being a real time composition, the sole help and point of reference is provided by the visible and audible situation during the entire 60 minutes of the performance.

All ideas – which are a sort of key-words we use as starting point – combine with the movement of the sound and with the public’s glance. This is how other, quiet unexpected, ideas arise.

            Being accidentally in a certain context which conditions us or the attention paid to rituals of perception remain constant interest of mine, my fascination with this perpetual “to-and-from” between fiction and reality has not subsided.

Vava Ştefănescu


Vava ŞTEFĂNESCU is a choreographer and dancer, she lives and works in Romania.

            She has graduated from UNATC, specializing in choreographic creation. In 2004, she earned a Master’s degree in International Artistic Cooperation at Paris 8 – URF Arts, France.

            She engages in different kinds of performances, from the study of dance language to radical forms of choreographic installation for objects and body (The fiction of objects, Copy and Paste or Quartet for lavalier). Her shows, among which we name only a few: Occupy Vava, Swing, Solo on-line (The National Theatre in Cluj 2005), Mioritza – choreographic installation, After all (Temps d’Images Cluj, 2011) have been played in Romania and abroad.

            In 2000, she founded The Multi Art Dance Centre (MAD), an independent institution which supported interdisciplinary performances set up by choreographers and dance artists, a precursor of CNDB.

            She organizes choreographic or interdisciplinary workshops and contemporary dance seminars for festivals, dance companies, universities or creative residencies in Romania and abroad.