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They’re Not All Heroes

Nu toţi sunt eroi/ They’re Not All Heroes
27.09// 19:30// Stere Popescu Hall

By /with: Lilienfeld and Găbudeanu
Sound & live electronics: Rufi (Marian Cîtu)
Light design: Alexandru Bibere
Music: Rufi – original creation, Herbalizer, The Avalanches, Laurie Anderson
Producer: PETEC (Theatre and Book Association)
Co-producer: Colectiv A
Thanks to: Biblioteca Naţionala a României, Centrul Naţional al Dansului, Consiliul Naţional pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securităţii, Radio Europa Liberă, Centrul de Studii în Istorie Contemporană, Teodor Delciu
Duration: 1h


Created in 2014, the performance “Nu toți sunt eroi/ They’re Not All Heroes” was presented for the first time within Temps d’Images Festival in November 2014.

Beyond telling the stories of our grandfathers with their commonplace or heroic aspects, stories about fight and survival, “Nu toți sunt eroi/ They’re Not All Heroes” is about a process of past integration, a process that takes place before the audience. We work with the idea of replenishment at personal level, which in turn challenges the audience to question its own „roots”, its own stability and emotional nurturing.

... to survive the two World Wars as a Jew
... to fight the communist regime in a prison in which one was thrown for being an iron-guardist
... to resist in the communist system until 102 years old by living for the family
... to be all the time under Securitate’s surveillance but never giving up
... to learn how to keep the “secret” ...

To tell their story. Together.

Cristina Lilienfeld is a choreographer who tries to bring to light the authenticity part of every person and situation that she encounters. Cristina has studied choreography and psychology trying to find the point in which the two disciplines meet each other.

Smaranda Găbudeanu is an actress, performer and puppeteer. Her current interest is directed towards challenging some authentic experiences and integrating personal life in the artistic creation.

„In this moment, when everybody talks so much about generation gaps, these two artists are concerned about their grandfathers’ history, one Jew and the other one iron-guardist, with all their suffering in hard historical circumstances, which the nieces have tried to understand and express. It wasn’t easy for them, as they themselves confessed after the performance, and, even though their success is just a drop in an ocean of hate and intolerance, it is still a success. So it is possible, no matter how hard it is.”
Liana Tugearu

“Beyond transmitting a clear message, the performance Nu toţi sunt eroi/ They’re Not All Heroes indicates a possibility of resistance, if not of salvation from this carousel of history writing. The key comes to us from the beginning of the performance, from the embrace that unites in a single identity the two roads, the two biographies that will unfold from this kinship with the desire to live the unlived life, to enact with fidelity what hasn’t been directly experimented by the ones who propose this exercise of sheer sincerity. Its beauty and the underlying theme of courage are visible when sliding toward the inevitable fictionalization, given by the impossibility to completely identify oneself with the events that weave the dramaturgy of the performance.”

Gina Şerbănescu

Ticket Price: 25 lei full price/ 15 lei discount price (pupils/ students/ pensioners)
The tickets can be bought online on or within 30 minutes before the start of the performance from Stere Popescu Hall, 80-82 Mărăşeşti Boulevard.