Sun 20.09.2009    12:00

The way things might go, Sunday 20th of September, 12:00 h, The Round Hall

At stake in “The way things might go”:
An exercise of authorship in a representational space. Unmediated experience versus mediated experience. A challenge of the passive condition of the spectator which is analogue to the position of the subjects in today’s social-politic system. Continuous construction of identity. The body of the performer ceases to be a medium and becomes a surface, a platform for the audience.

Ion Dumitrescu
Born in Bucharest in 1977.
Attended “Floria Capsali” school and high-school of choreography. Diploma from National University of Film and Theatre Bucharest, choreography section 2007.
Soloist dancer at the National Bucharest Opera between 1999 and 2003. Independent choreographer since 2003.
Musical projects, SecondHand Band, and now Minus şi Ion with the homonymous EP Minus şi Ion released at PatPong records.

Terrains Fertiles (organized by Proiect DCM Bucuresti, ImFlieger Vienna and Ixkizit Paris) 2006
CND Paris (artist in residence May 2007)
Tanzquartier (artist in residence March-April 2008)
The piece “Ceea ce am convenit noi a fi hazard” (The way things might go) was co-produced by CNDB and CND Paris. Presented at CNDB in November 2007, Tanzquartier Wien 2008, SpringDance in Utrecht (Dialogue Program) 2008, in Sofia at the Sofia Underground Festival, in Cluj at the State Hungarian Theatre.

At present time works together with Florin Flueraş on the Postspectacle Trilogy.