Tue 10.05.2011    08:00

The postspectacle trilogy >> Tuesday, May 10th, 20h00, Sala Atelier (National Theater Bucharest)

Finally the postspectacle has made it to the National Theater, the trilogy will be made of:

1. The authors would like you to come to their performance
2. Neocatarsis
3. Running for presidency

Postspectacle means to refuse but also to resist to the current view on situating oneself in a theater/space for representation, by considering the theater a place which has to dissolve in its contemporary context. As a final gesture, we have decided to exit the theater and run for presidency!

Ion Dumitrescu and Florin Flueraş

Tickets: 20 lei / 10 lei for students
Tickets can be bought from the National Theater's ticket office
The performance takes place at Sala Atelier (entrance through Opereta)