Wed 16.12.2015    19:30

The Institute of Change

THE INSTITUTE OF CHANGE has an over 25 year history in the field of sex reassignment procedures in Romania. Never forgetting the past and staying non-stop active in this sphere even in these new times, this clinic managed to soften their methods slightly changing its character. Even with a vast history on the subject, THE INSTITUTE OF CHANGE is now against surgical procedures and medical interventions. This clinic offers sexual reeducation services, hormonal treatment and gender reassignment through new interventions: total stage exposure, dance, gender performance, lip sync, cross dressing.
THE INSTITUTE OF CHANGE's presentation sessions are not simple shows with an audience, but social dynamic opportunities with an entertaining character about the body, its sex and changing the world in general.
During these sessions of socializing with the body, the institute opens publicly under the strict leadership of Dr. Pissadora Duncan and wants to develop a very informed audience and hunt new patients.

Paul Dunca was born in 1983 in Bucharest where he still lives and works today. After graduating the National University of Drama and Film “I.L.Caragiale” (Choreography section) and studying Play-Writing at U.N.A.T.C. Bucharest, he never said ‘NO’. That’s why his work is very eclectic and include a very large diversity of expression: from waiting tables to his own MTV show, from community art and go-go dancing to performing at the Venice Biennale in the frame of the Romanian Pavilion, from articles in glossy magazines and roles in local movies to performing his work at the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest and showing it in the Judson Church, New York. All in all he’s happy whenever he can be useful.