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The Hammer without a Master >> Saturday, November 14th, 19.00h, Round Hall

After years of censorship Stere Popescu, a romanian choreographer wanted to put his entire life philosophy and art in one dance piece - The hammer without a master.
45 years later Florin Flueraş, Brynjar Bandlien & Antonja Livingstone want to do something concerning this piece.
We started by interviewing the original cast. During that process we understood clearly that it's not possible to get objective information about the piece. However, the way memory function and how the protagonists "performed" in the interviews brought a new dimmension in the process and guided the work into playing with the remembering behaviors and with the relation reality-fiction, present-past. Now we want to go a step further; to have the same burning, passionate approach as Stere Popescu, the same intention, to integrate our understanding of art, society and human condition, the same rigor and courage to question and work with big themes and concepts like love, affectivity, art, sexuality, time, society, transcendence and death.

(1920) was born in Galaţi. He got his dance education at the Floria Capsali school in Bucharest, and studied at the same time architecture. In the 40ies he was made first soloist at the Romanian Opera. Popescu published poetry in the magazin Fundaţiilor Regale and he also published texts on dance theory in Luceafărul and Contemporanul. In 1949, following the process of “cultural cleansing” initiated by the comunist party, of which Popescu refused to become a member, he was ousted from the Opera and sentenced to jail. After 1960, when România had a moment of liberal rule, Popescu was released and given back his position at the Opera. He also worked for the Romanian National Broadcast, and was given the chance to create performances. The director of the Opera, Mihai Brediceanu, concidered him talented and gave him the oportunity to create "Ciocanul fără Stăpîn" (The Hammer Without a Master) which was premiered in Paris on the 10th of november 1965. It was a scandal. After the premier, Popescu, together with half of the company, defected to the west. The other half of the company was met with severe criticism upon their return to România, and after a 'trial of shame' Brediceanu was fired. Popescu moved to London and started to teach at Central School of Art. He created two pieces for the Rambert Company. In march 1968, two days after the premier of his last work, Stere Popescu comitted suicide.

(1978) is working and playing with performative behaviors, collaborating with artists like: Antonija Livingstone, Brynjar Bandlien, Marten Spangberg, Tor Lindstrand, Ion Dumitrescu, Jennifer Lacey, DD Dorvillier, Eduard Gabia, Fanni Futterknecht a.o. He worked as author and coauthor in projects like: „A brave search of the ultimate reality”, „Where life has no value, dead sometimes has its price”, „Cooperativa performativă”, “Postspectacle trilogy”, „Sweat”, „Now you see the title”, „Heaven”, „unu unu”, „Little more real than necessary”, „Process in progress”. He presented his work in contexts like: Tanzquartier Wien, DeSingle Antwerp (Bouge B Festival), Impulstanz Viena, Springdance Utrecht, tanz schritt weise festival Graz, etc. He studied choreography at UNATC and psychology at Tg. Mureş University. He has worked as a social worker, psychologist, web designer, studied film directing, ex glider pilot in the Romanian Team.

(1975) got his education in his native Norway at Staten Balletthøgskole in Oslo, and at Ballettschule der Hamburgische Staatsoper in Germany. In 1995 he joined Nederlands Dans Theater 2 in Den Haag with which he toured Europe, USA and South Africa. After 3 years in NDT 2 he started working as freelance dancer and choreographer with Manuel Pelmus, (Punct Fix) Philipp Gehmacher (Mountains are Mountains), Raimund Hoghe (Tanzgeschichten, Young People, Old Voices and Swan Lake, 4 acts), Vera Mantero (Until The Moment When God Is Destroyed By The Extreme Exercise Of Beauty), Antonia Livingstone and Heather Kravas (A Situation for Dance and No More Village). He presented his piece O in march 2006, and the piece Still in may 2008 at Dansens Hus in Oslo. He is currently working on a long term project named Mobile, with 7 different artists, on 4 different continents to be presented at Dansens Hus in Oslo in november 2010. In june 2008 Bandlien curated Zilele Strîmbe (Crooked Days) in the course of 3 weeks at CND, Bucharest in the program Amprenta. He is also giving workshops for children in the Rahova/Uranus neighbourhood in Bucharest in the frame of Ofensiva Generozităţii organized by Maria Drăghici and Irina Gîdiuţă. Since 2004 Bandlien has had his base in Bucharest, România.

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