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THE GREAT SCHEME OF THINGS// The Contemporary Dance Season

SUNDAY, 5th of November, 7.30 p.m.


Music: Gabriela Fierbințeanu, Cristian Fierbințeanu

Light designer: Alexandros Raptis

Sound designer: Cristian Fierbințeanu

Video:  Cristian Fierbințeanu

Production: The National Centre for Dance Bucharest, 2016

Length: 45 min.


A famous filmmaker once said that in the great scheme of things all human strivings are ridiculous, given that sooner or later in the next five billion years this world, as we know it, will disappear and nothing will matter anymore. Viewed in that light, some people’s beliefs and actions are unreasonable and hilarious, according to that famous guy. But how can one know what is important “in the great scheme of things” and what is hilarious? What separates the ok beliefs from the ridiculous ones? Who makes that separation, in the great scheme of things? What is the Great Scheme Of Things anyway?

The Great Scheme of Things is a new album by Fierbinţeanu, presented as a performance in full frame, a puzzle of sound, poetry, visuals and choreography.

This show is a shout-out to Humanity in its current phase and a quest to find if a "real-fake" capodopera – a new and personal aesthetic category – is possible. The performance, targeting philharmonic dynamics with pop-punk means and entertainment aesthetics, is also a manhunt for intense reactions from the audience, like those in the early ’60s. The instruments are the myths, illusions and constituents of human life, ancient and present: love, civil rights, porn, socialism & capitalism, God, Satan, criminals, Elvis, New York etc.



Fierbinţeanu is an art-pop music duo consisting of Gabriela Fierbințeanu (vocals) and Cristian Fierbințeanu (computer, bass, vocals). Active in Bucharest, they have released several albums and performed live at Berlin Konzerthaus, Berghain and on other significant stages in Europe and Romania.

The Contemporary Dance Season is a cultural project financed within the cultural programme Bucharest, Participatory City by the Bucharest Mayor Office through the Cultural Projects Centre ARCUB.