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Techno Transa Body Beats on the CNDB stage

What is a trance?
How could we access a space where movements are self-generating and where the so-called ‚identity’ gets lost in the vast desert of the generic and the impersonal?
How could we become a collective organism, a permeable togetherness?
Is it possible for the Other and all that is around us to become a sentient extension of who we are?
How could we create a space of non-performativity? To being nothing.
What if we became the spaces in-between ourselves?
How could we transform the dance floor into a space that opens up infinite possibilities of becoming?

TechnoTransaBodyBeats(TTBB) searches for the ecstatic state of a body that has abandonded its individual identity, ideology and language, a body that has modified its culturally inscribed image, a body that dances through an immediate experience of the world around; a body that silently whitnesses the blurring of boundaries and differences.
TTBB unites different subjectivities within the collective rhythm, a rhythm that reverberates and gives shape to the practice of solidarity, all in a symbolic space-time conundrum that surpasses racial, social and ideological boarders.
TTBB is a choreographic research and exploration of the dancing culture from the clubbing and the electronic music festival scenes. TTBB brings the phenonemon of electronic music and its adjacent bodily practices in the conceptual theatrical space, using various resources and tools specific to contemporary dance.
TTBB addresses the techno dance as a practice of dissolution and dispersion, of non-representation, of empathy and de-subjectification. Through the left-right repetitive balancing, the techno trance reproduces the mechanics of salvation. Do the dance of the heart, of the torrace, of the legs, of the hands, and respond to the music freely, without any contemplation or respect.

Choreagrapher: Andreea David
Assistent choreagrapher: Maria Baroncea
Producer: Maria Mora
Performers: Adnana Cruceanu, Viviana Bravescu, Alina Ercău, Giles Michael Eldridge, Mugur Grosu, Maria Mora, Andrei Motrescu, Ada Mușat, Sînziana Pintean, Silvana Râpeanu, Miruna Alexandra Statache
Music: DJ Admina
Light design: Tudor Chiliman
Anthropolog: Laura-Maria Ilie
Comms and production assistant: Iulia Mărăcine
Sound system provided by soundscape

The project is produced by Unda Association and co-financed by AFCN.

::: PARTNERS :::
Centrul Naţional al Dansului Bucureşti, Fabrica de Pensule, Colectiva Gazette, Casa Tranzit, Control Club București, Club Guesthouse București, AMBASADA Timișoara, saccade Bar Timișoara
Media partners: Telekom Electronic Beats, SUB25, Revista Zeppelin

Thanks: Iulia Sima, Renate Dinu, Alina Medoia, Alina Tofan, Raj Alexandru Udrea, Cristian Nanculescu, Mihaela Alexandra Dancs, Stephanie Pria, El Jamali Diaa, Don Gyapo, Dragos Dumitrache, DJ Pedale Douce, DJ Alexandra, DJ Romi, DJ Lucu Chen, Monica Ivanov, Simina Oprescu, Cosima Opârtan, Jean-Lorin Sterian, Gin (Nicolae Burcă), Sorin Vidis, George Aghinea, Beatrice Somer, Madalina Botoran, Amelia Motea, Andreea Stanoiu, Morco Vavesela and to all that made the project possible.