Tue 17.05.2011    08:00

SUPERGABRIELA >> May 17th, 20h00, Sala Atelier (National Theater Bucharest)

„superGabriela” is composed of dreams.land (a duet created in 2007) and superGabriela (a solo created in 2010). At times sexy, bewildering and dark-humored, this two-part evening explores one by one expressions of love and loss, intense sensations and daily life illusions. "superGabriela" is a performance dedicated to the memory of Gabriela Tudor.

Part 1: dreams.land
concept & choreography: Cosmin Manolescu
interpreters: Camille Mutel & Litsa Kiousi
consultant: Gabriela Tudor
lights: Cătălin Nicolescu
duration: 45 min.
with the support of: Sibiu & Luxembourg et Grande Region – European Cultural Capitals 2007, Centre de Creation Choregraphique Luxemburgeoise - 3 CL, National Cultural Fund Administration, National Dance Center Bucharest

Part 2: superGabriela
choreography & interpretation: Cosmin Manolescu
duration: 20 min.
with the support of: Romanian Cultural Institute – Cantemir Program, National Dance Center Bucharest, National Cultural Fund Administration

"It was disturbing and beautiful and weird. With all the smoke and the music combined with stillness and desperation it was like being in some kind of surreal, ominous nightclub purgatory. (...) In the duet they were exploring primal emotional states of desire, separation, fear and lust; the solo was all about loss and isolation. But all the pieces came together with an illogical, subconscious cohesion. And by having the audience onstage and in the middle of the action it felt inclusive and intimate - not exclusive and distancing. It feels like I've been seeing a number of "grief" pieces recently but Manolescu's SUPERGABRIELA seems to really convey the disorientation and unrelenting emotional swings, the rush of memories, all the chaos and confusion - while resolving in a place of reluctant acceptance. SUPERGABRIELA is like a 'happening' in a way. It is beautiful, moving and disturbing with the absolute meaning always just beyond your grasp." (Andy Horwitz, Culturebot)

"It was like watching a David Lynch movie - all the noir-ish-ness, the smoky songstress, the strangeness and confused erotic non sequiturs with no discernible narrative - and yet a world that left me thinking, quiet and pensive, long into the night. My companion talked about his experience as a Mark Rothko painting - fields of color and light. Either way, we both felt the magic of the dark." (Aaron Mattocks, Culturebot)

"Placing the audience in the dark was a way to evoke the sensation that when you die, you are alone; when a companion dies, there is a different sort of darkness. In the work's second half, 'superGabriela,' he gave into his grief in even more obvious terms, performing a solo driven by that sense of loss." (Gia Kourlas - The New York Times, November 5, 2010)

Cosmin Manolescu is choreographer and artistic director of Serial Paradise Company based in Bucharest (Romania). His artistic work was successfully presented in important festivals and venues in New York, San Diego, Paris, Lyon, London, Dublin, Porto, Rome, Florence, Catania, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Malmo, Luxemburg, Barcelona, Bremen etc. Together with Gabriela Tudor, he played an important role in the development of contemporary dance in Romania and in the creation of National Dance Centre in Bucharest. His artistic work was awarded several grants and prizes among which Sadco Prize (Bucharest, 2001), Grand Prix for "Serial Paradise" awarded by "Atelier" Experimental Theatre Festival (Sf. Gheorghe, 2003), SACD and Sogeda Awards for the project "Don't Ask The Blond" (in collaboration with Kira Riikonen, Roberto Casarotto - Monaco Dance Forum, 2004), "Nouveau Talent Choregraphie" (SACD Paris, 2005). Cosmin Manolescu is currently interested in cross-cultural exchange, experiment and artistic innovation, creating performances that challenge the audience.

Tickets: 20 lei / 10 lei for students
Tickets can be bought from the National Theater's ticket office
The performance takes place at Sala Atelier (entrance through Opereta)