Wed 23.02.2011    07:00

Stage Psychosis & I.C. [progressive work] >> Wednesday, February 23rd, 19h00, Round Hall


“The solo Stage Psychosis is meant to be a brief analysis of the concept of mask, regarded not only from a psychosocial point of view, as ‘persona‘, but also from a theatrical one, starting from the hypothesis that one uses the ‘mask‘ to protect his/her intimacy, and also as an instrument of regulation and adaptation. By using this investigation in a stage context, the piece aims to discover theatrical attitudes and mechanisms accessed through the performer’s own mask.“
Carmen Coţofană

I.C. [progressive work]

choose ONLY whatever suits you better:

Identity Card
Immaculate Chastity
Immature Condition
Immortality Collapse
Incubus Cryptmaw
Indifference Curve
Infected Cake
Inferior Colliculus
Infinite Challenge
Innocent Constellation
Integrated Circuit
Invested Corazón

and NEVER forget how to wear it!