Fri 02.05.2014    17:30

ROMANIAN DANCE SHOWCASE 2014 // Realia (Bucuresti-Beirut) / Farid Fairuz

Artistic direction & performance: Farid Fairuz
Text, costumes & set: Farid Fairuz
Music: Dhafer Youssef, Brent Lewis, Karpov not Kasparov, P. I. Tchaikovsky, Margareta Pâslaru
Technical support: Mircea Andrei Ghinea
Production: Solitude Project & Caminul Cultural
Project financed by: The Administration of the National Cultural Fund

60 minutes

Farid Fairuz is the outcome of a fictional biography project created by the artist Mihai Mihalcea, who since 2010 creates and performs only under the name of Farid Fairuz. The project addresses issues related to cultural production, religion, sexuality and capitalism.

In Realia (Bucharest/Beirut), Farid Fairuz questions the frail limit between the real and the fictional, thus emphasizing a discourse based on the construction of multiple identities. His approach underlines the ability of today’s culture to impose the unreal and the fictional as realities, as components of a realm in which the line between the possible, the virtual and the real no longer function as they once did: “A few years ago I had to invent myself a character so I can still exist. Now I’m Farid Fairuz and I tell you two things: The Ottoman Empire did not disappear. A part of it has for sure remained inside me; everything in life is connected to pain and pleasure, otherwise I cannot explain myself anything from all this”.

Until he reinvented himself as Farid Fairuz, the artist Mihai Mihalcea was one of the most active in the field of contemporary dance in Romania, after 1989. Between 2005-2013 he was general manager of the National Dance Center in Bucharest. He has been artist in residence in Tanzquartier Wien, Centre national de la Danse Pantin, Hebbel Theatre Berlin, La Manufacture etc. Mihai Mihalcea/Farid Fairuz has taken part in projects
developed and presented in France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria, USA, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Portugal, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Slovenia. In November 2014 he will co-curate the festival Dracula – Gestern heute morgen?/ How much blood can you suck from a Romanian artist? at HAU Theatre, Berlin.