Sun 04.05.2014    16:30

ROMANIAN DANCE SHOWCASE 2014 // Pretend We Make You Happy / Andreea Novac

Concept and choreography: Andreea Novac
With: Istvan Teglas, Ștefan Lupu, Alin State
Production: National Dance Center Bucharest
With the support of Paint Brush Factory, Cluj

Starting from the four “body genres” – comedy, drama, erotica and horror – genres which, at least in theory, create thrill, excitement or pleasure in the body which experiences or watches these situations – I have tried to find ways in which to kinesthetically stimulate the spectator, following a cinematographic reference. Pretend We Make You Happy proposes a body that appears from speed, vibration and colour. Andreea Novac

Andreea Novac is born in 1981. She graduated Psychology and in 2008, at UNATC, Choreography. Since 2005 she started to create her own pieces: Here Everything Is Different, Right Here, Right Now, B-26-Dance, Body and Against the Body, Dance A Playful Body, Pretend We Make You Happy, On Tenderness. Her work is presented on national and international festivals. She participated in artistic projects and residencies in Great Britain, Estonia, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Luxembourg, and Ireland. She received scholarships to participate in the workshops organized within
ImPulsTanz Vienna, and for movement research in Italy and Germany. She creates choreography for theater and film.