Thu 01.05.2014    17:30

ROMANIAN DANCE SHOWCASE 2014 // Parallel / Leta Popescu & Ferenc Sinkó

With: Lucia Mărneanu, kata bodoki-halmen
Concept / Choreography: Ferenc Sinkó
Directed by: Ferenc Sinkó and Leta Popescu
Texts: the team
Set design: Valentin Oncu
Costums: Gyopár Bocskai
Songs: kata bodoki-halmen
Music: danaga
Technical assistance: Attila Almási
Produced by: GroundFloor Group
Coproducer: ColectivA

Not recommended under 16 years of age. Performed in English with Romanian surtitles.

70 minutes

Parallel is based on experiences of performers Lucia Mărneanu and kata bodoki-halmen. Created from the proposals of the performers and written by the entire team, the show provokes by its direct approach towards themes like: body, sexual identity, repression and acceptance. Moving bodies, drag show as well as original songs by kata bodoki-halmen together with live mixed music by danaga create a dynamic and penetrating performance.

Ferenc Sinkó is theatre director and choreographer interested in an interdisciplinary approach of performing arts. His performances sunSET (2007), Message (2009), post.sync (2010), Divas (2011) and the recent Parallel have been shown in the framework of several international events: the Temps d’Images Festival (2013, 2011, 2010) and Romanian Independent Performing Arts Platform (2011, 2013), Balkan Dance Platform (2011), Kisvárda Festival (Hungary, 2013), Osijek Summer Festival and Restart ‘07 Bucharest.

Leta Popescu graduated in 2013 from the Faculty of Theatre and Television (Babeș-Bolyai University) Cluj, as a theatre director. During her studies, Leta Popescu was assistant director for Alexa Visarion, Alexandru Dabija and Bronwyn Tweddle in their projects at National Theatre Cluj and the Faculty of Theatre and Television, and also participated in various workshops led by Alexandru Dabija, Cristi Juncu, David Schwartz, Bronwyn Tweddle, Cătălina Buzoianu. More at: