Tue 29.04.2014    17:30

ROMANIAN DANCE SHOWCASE 2014 // Out of Order/ Mihaela Dancs

By, with: Mihaela Dancs
Guests: Carmen Coţofană, Maria Mora
VJ: Manuela Marcovici / Paula Oneţ
Sound: collage, fragment from What is Energy? / Odin Teatret
Co-production: lorgean theatre, Asociaţia 4Culture and WASP – Working Art Space and Production
With the support of: Cullberg Ballet, Jardin d’Europe, the EU Culture Programme, ZonaD, Paula Oneţ, Julien Trambouze and the National Dance Center Bucharest
Special thanks to: Pascal Allio, Alexandra Cucu, Mădălina Dan, Monica Botez and Guy

55 minutes

Lately I move a lot and music is one of my main activators. I work with physical exhaustion and its consequences, with the energy accumulated and transferred by a body in motion, energy as a way to communicate with myself, with the space, with the audience. The microphone? It’s there.
Former dentist Mihaela Dancs (b. 1974) is currently a performer and choreographer based in Bucharest. Since 2004 she has danced among others for Vava Stefanescu, Madălina Dan, Robin Dingemans, Doris Uhlich etc. Her works include collaborations with Rui Catalao (Follow That Summer), Carmen Coţofană (First Steps), Mădălina Dan ((anti) aging), solos (Reprogramare, Lulu’s Room etc.) and have been presented in theatres, apartments, attics, churches, factories, art galleries and dance studios in Bucharest, Cluj, Timișoara, New York, London, Riga, Venice, Prague etc. In 2010 and 2012 she was a danceWeb scholar in Vienna.