Wed 30.04.2014    17:00

ROMANIAN DANCE SHOWCASE 2014 // Opening Increasing Romanian Dance // Bogdana Pascal

Increasing Romanian Dance

Video installation created for Moving Romania, Romanian dance festival, held at Fabrik Potsdam (Berlin) in Sept. 2011.

Starting from her archives of dance programs aired weekly since 2003 on Romanian Television, media artist Bogdana Pascal created an installation which question the fragility and rounded history of this community in continue growing. She graduates N. Tonitza Fine-Arts High School, University of drama and film (UNATC) and Centre of Excellence in Study of Image (CESI). Since 2003 she is working as video artist (in international projects such as Terains Fertilles, Forum International des Caravanes Francophones, Migrant Body, Temps D’Image, Moving Romania) and TV Producer (Romanian National Television) for a wide range of dance productions, shows and events, from video- dance (Kinetika Body Laboratory, 2005), to reportages (performDance 2003-2007, work in progress 2009-2010), multi- camera full-length recordings (Contemporary Dance Evening 2009-2010), interviews (dancemakers 2010-2011, artmakers 2011-2013). She is an active blogger for an important parenting on-line magazine.