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Fri 02.11.2018    19:30    map

Sat 03.11.2018    19:30    map


with/by: Aigül, Teodora Bogasiu, Andreea David, Paul Dunca, Monica Ivanov, Maria Mora, Alina Tofan

music: Borusiade, Tricksodus Da Muv (live)

visuals: Ion Cotenescu

lights & set design: Tudor Chiliman

costumes: Circusphere

lenght: 1h30

limited seats - 60

no age restrictions

producer: Asociația Unda

project co-financed by The Administration of National Cultural Fund

partners: Centrul Național al Dansului București, Colectiv A, Art Labyrinth,, DOR, sub25, Zeppelin, Waha Festival, Amural


The Earth is not just my mother, The Earth is my lover.
I'm madly in love.

"Ritualia" is an artistic project investigating choreography.

The main subject of the research is the practice of magical, non-institutionalized rituals and the choreographic practices associated to them. At the base of the performance stand the interpretation from a contemporary perspective, the contextualization, the revitalization, the re-introduction of corporeality from ancient practices.

The RITUALIA crew is interested in alternative rituals, different from those legitimated by society, rituals in which the body is emphasized and becomes an important and definitive part in the cathartic process of transformation; rituals that in most cases are performed / conducted by women in contrast with those legitimated by society, implemented in the institutionalized collective practices, generally performed by men.

We are building a temporary artistic society that promotes gender equality to create the habit of bringing people together, to enable meetings, to re-evaluate the system we live in and the idea of the stage spectacle, to create options and possible alternatives.


*The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the way the project results can be used. They are entirely responsible to the beneficiary of the funding.