Sun 20.09.2009    15:30

Quartet for a Microphone, Sunday 20th of September, 15:30 h, Studio 2 (CNDB)

<“Quartet for a Microphone” is a choreographic and sound installation, a real-time composition that sets a discourse about confinement, the lack of distance, the relation with the other and about the idea of being hostages of our own existence. For me, the accidental of the presence conditioned by this specific context, the attention for perception rituals, are constant preoccupations but also fascinations about this “come and go” between fiction and reality.> Vava Ştefănescu

Press reviews
“Quartet… is a game about the unrepeatability of existential acts. Every time they find themselves closed up between the four walls of the phone booth, the three dancers reenact a universe of all possibilities. Nothing is fixed, everything is improvisation. There is a constant tension of powers inside the phone booth, balancing genders, physical and spiritual force, degrees of endurance to the invading energy of the « look from beyond ». A tension whose common denominator is the solidarity in confinement, a tension that goes beyond the glass walls, in the eyes of the viewer, condemned to non-intervention. And the sound slips by us, insidious like a snail…” (Iulia POPOVICI, Ziua, June 2008)

Vava Ştefănescu is choreographer and dancer, living and working in Romania. At the present she is Artistic Director of National Dance Centre in Bucharest. In 1994 graduates the Choreographic Creation section of UNATC and in 2004 the MA in International Artistic Cooperation at Paris 8, UFR Arts. Her performances are presented on national and international stages (London, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Paris, …).
She creates choreography for theater, working mostly with director Mihai Măniuţiu: “Uitarea”, “Intrusa”, “ Experimentul Iov”, “Pescuitorii de perle” by Bizet, “16 lecţii despre dezastrele amorului carnal”. As performer and choreographer takes part in projects like: “Julieta” (Viski András), “Cîntarea Cîntărilor”, “A hot summer on Iza” - directed by Mihai Măniuţiu, “Vinerea Lungă” (Viski András) directed by Tompa Gabor.
Her most recent creations are “Solo on-line” (National Theater from Cluj, 2005), “Mioritza” - choreographic installation, “Quartet for a Microphone”. In 2000 founds Multi Art Dans Centre (MAD), an independent institution for supporting choreographers and dancers and multidisciplinary artistic creation. Between 1994 and 2001 Vava Ştefănescu is contemporary dance teacher at Choreography High School in Bucharest and university assistant at UNATC. She leads workshops of choreographic composition in the frame of festivals and creative residences.