Tue 04.08.2015    20:00

Quartet for a Microphone is invited at IDEO IDEIS Festival

Quartet for a Microphone is a choreographic and sound installation that sets a discourse about confinement, the lack of distance, the relation with the other and about the idea of being hostages of our own existence. Being a real time composition the only reference and support is set on the visible/audible situation that is constant during 60 minutes.
Every concept – sort of starting point keywords – come into conjunction with the movement of sound, with the glance of the audience and this is how other new and unexpected ideas are born. For me, the accidental of the presence conditioned by this specific context, the attention for perception rituals, are constant preoccupations but also fascinations about this “come and go” between fiction and reality.

Vava Ştefănescu is choreographer and dancer, living and working in Romania. Has had numerous grants and residences, has participated in international festivals, has lead and leads dance workshops. Works: Solo On Line, A Hot Summer on Iza, Quartet for a microphone. She has signed the choreography of many theatre shows, in some of them being also a performer. Founder and director (1999-2003) of Multi Art Dance Centre (MAD). She was the artistic director of the National Dance Centre Bucharest until 2013, when she became the CNDB’s manager.

More details: ideoideis.ro/editiacurenta