Sat 12.02.2011    07:00

Pretend we make you happy >> Saturday, February 12th, 19h00, Round Hall

What is physicality and what shapes can it take? What kind of interactivity appears when a kinesthetic transfer takes place between the performers and the public (if it does take place)?
Starting from the four "body genres" - comedy, drama, erotica and horror - genres which, at least in theory, create thrill, excitement or pleasure in the body which experiences or watches the situation - I have seeked ways in which to kinesthetically stimulate the spectator, adding cinematographic references.
"Pretend we make you happy" proposes a body which appears from speed, pulsation and colour.
My recommendation is that you seek in this performance only the present moment.

Andreea Novac

*Kinesthesia refers to the possibility of experiencing the motion that is passively induced on certain parts of the body.

Photo: Ionuţ Staicu