Sun 10.04.2016    21:00    map

Performance within Next Festival

NEXT, The International Film Festival will include a performative moment prepared by the National Dance Centre of Bucharest, within the Avant-garde Programme.


Avant-garde is a special programme that brings to the spotlight a certain type of cinema working directly with the minds of the viewers, employing all the audiovisual means so as to surprise, astonish and sharpen viewers’ senses.

This selection of non-narrative shorts innovatively playing with sound and cinema formats will be joined by a performance and a DJ set.



With a selection of more than 100 short films every year, presented within the two competition sections and many special programmes, NexT is one of the most diverse festival in Romanian cinema, a true extensive view on innovative and inventive cinema around the world.


NexT International Film Festival takes place between April 7 and 11 at the Peasant Museum’s Cinema - Horia Bernea Studio, Elvire Popesco Cinema, Cinema Pro and several unconventional locations.



Concept and choreography: Carmen Coțofană, Paul Dunca, Maria Mora


Video: Cote


Duration: 20 min