Sat 02.04.2016    19:30    map

Parental CTRL Ferenc Sinkó

Saturday 2.04 / 19h30, CNDB, “Stere Popescu” Hall


Parental Ctrl is a performance about parents and generation Y, about addiction to technology and escape from reality, about imminent relations and ruptures between generations.

The performance uses special effects: stroboscope, fog machine, loud noises and is not recommended to children, pregnant women, and people suffering from epilepsy or from the pacemaker syndrome. Parental Ctrl is part of the Project – Contemporary Arts and Culture for Communities, a grant from Norway, Island, Liechtenstein and the Government of Romania and is run at Fabrica de Pensule/ The Paintbrush Factory.


A performance by: Ferenc Sinkó

A collaboration with: Kata Bodoki-Halmen, Kinga Ötvös, Krisztina Sipos

Playwright / assistant director: Panna Adorjáni

Original music: bhkata & the blue screen band

Video, light and sound desgign: Attila Almási

Visuals, technical assistant: Radu Bogdan

Producer: Kinga Kelemen/GroundFloor Group

Duration: 1 h 10 min

A performance in Hungarian, subtitled in Romanian/ English.


Ferenc Sinkó is a director and choreographer interested in a multidisciplinary approach of  performing arts. His performances sunSET (2007), Message (2009), post.sync (2010), Divas (2011) and the recent Parallel were presented in many international events: Temps D’Image Festival (2013, 2011, 2010) and și Independent Performing Arts Platform in România (2011, 2013), Balkan Dance Platform (2011), Kisvárda Festival, Hungary (2013), Osijek Cultural Summer Festival and ReStart Bucharest.