Sun 07.03.2010    07:00

Out of love for this affective title + A brave search of the ultimate reality >> Sunday, March 7th, 19.00h, Round Hall


<“Out of love for this affective title” could be a beautiful title of a beautiful piece if you see it as a beautiful title of a beautiful piece. Things are the way we perceive them, so I will leave an empty space for whatever “beautiful” could mean
and I will ask you to let my title and my piece be beautiful through you. Today, around the 7th of March 2010, enjoy this gorgeous dystopia, the sun is wonderful like never before and the reality changes so fast.
No matter of reality, things are the way we perceive them, so let’s assume this convention for 40’ - that my show is beautiful like nothing before.>
Iuliana Stoianescu

Iuliana Stoianescu was born in 1984, she graduated The Fine Arts High-school "Nicolae Tonitza" and in the present she is a student in the fourth year at the National University for Drama and Film – Choreography section.
Starting with 2004 she took part in workshops coordinated by Florin Fieroiu, Brynjar Bandlien, Mihai Mihalcea, Georg Blaschke, Nita Little, Risa Steinberg, Kathleen Hermesdorf (IMPULSTANZ Festival, Vienna), Malcolm Manning, Oriane Boyer, Alicia Grayson, Kurt Koegel (Belgium, TransContact Festival), Valentina de Piante, Martin Sonderkamp, Melisa Puts, Eric Schofer, Sergiu Doroftei, Carl Olof Berg, Helena Frenzen.
She performed in: ”What you see is not what you think”, “Follow that summer”, “Protect”, "100% dans”, "Puţin mai reali decît e necesar", "Process in progress" , “Day Dream”.
Her own work: “ID salad” (produced by ArtLink and created during a two month residency “Performing the body” and presented to the National Museum of Contemporary Art and The National Center of Dance Bucharest), ”Milka is not real” in the project “Protect” (presented at Desant Theatre), ”Toast sensation” (presented in “eXplore dance festival” Odeon Theatre), ”Two points of you” (video-dance project).
In 2009 she was selected to participate in “danceWEB scholarship programme”, Vienna, Austria.


”To burn like a flame and to start a brave search of the ultimate reality, pure love, total freedom, nirvana, zen state, true self, god. To go beyond image and representation, to kill your ego and reborn, to annihilate your mind and free your perception, to be revolutionary and change the world. These kinds of goals sound naive and anachronistic in this period of values dissolution and structural disintegrating. What can be a contemporary approach of them? How we can still approach this life experiences, deconstructing everything and without believing?”
Florin Flueraş

The performance won the Jardin d'Europe Prize in the Working Title Festival Brussels, 2009.

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Florin Flueraş is working and playing with performative behaviors, collaborating with artists like: Antonija Livingstone, Brynjar Bandlien, Marten Spangberg, Tor Lindstrand, Ion Dumitrescu, Jennifer Lacey, DD Dorvillier, Eduard Gabia, Fanni Futterknecht, etc. He worked as author and coauthor in projects like “A brave search of the ultimate reality”, “Cooperativa performativă”, “Postspectacle Trilogy”, “Sweat”, “Acum vezi titlul”, “Heaven”, “unu unu”, “Puţin mai reali decît e necesar”, “Process in progress”. Presented his work in contexts like: Tanzquartier Wien, DeSingel Antwerp (Bouge B Festival), Impulstanz Vienna, Springdance Utrecht, tanz schritt weise festival Graz, etc. He studied choreography at UNATC and psychology at Târgu Mureş University. Has worked as a social worker, psychologist, web designer, studied film directing, ex glider pilot in the Romanian Team.