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OPEN, by Leta Popescu - May 25th & 26th


a performance created through a devised theatre process

May 25th & 26th, at 7.30 PM


with: George Albert Costea

directed by: Leta Popescu

dramaturge: Ana Cucu Popescu

sound design: Mihai Moș

video: ousia

technical support: Attila Almási

producer: Reciproca Association in partnership with Fabrica de Pensule Federation and GroundFloor Group Association

recommended to 16+ years old

The performance starts with the wide range of club offers that promise pleasure and rediscoveries of sexuality. By browsing its own stories and desires, the show touches in a complex and personal way upon the various forms of contemporary love. Where and how do we find solace in concepts of “single” and “open”? How do we end up exorcising our need for tenderness and how do we engage today with the notion of “great love”? What are the current methods for rediscovering the spark in long-lasting couples? Is there such a thing as a perfect couple anymore?

The team of the show OPEN aimed to engage the public about any kind of practice that might bring fulfillment to some and inspire repulsion in others. The show approaches sexuality by placing bashfulness inside parentheses and questions in what way do society and family imbue each of us with patterns that we can barely find release from.

“Open is a (mono)show about sexuality. Not about love in an abstract sense, but the way in which family, friends and the general framework of social interactions (in short, what we generally call society) establish an informally regulated setting in which we manifest (in a morally controlled way) our sexuality, about which we do not speak in these terms, because the main form of regulating sexuality is mistaking it with love or treating it exclusively as a consequence and way to manifest love-as-society-agreed-it-should-be.” (Iulia Popovici - Observatorul Cultural - „Sexualitatea de care ne rușinăm”)


In May, all tickets bought online on cost 20 lei.

Tickets bought at the Stere Popescu hall, before the show, cost 35 lei (full price) and 20 lei (reduced).



OPEN supports Bucharest PRIDE.

Bucharest Pride is the annual festival dedicated to the rights of the LGBTQI+ community, that integrates events dedicated both to the community and to those who want to find out more about Romania's LGBTQI+ life and culture: events, theatre and dance performances, film projections, parties, concerts, forums, debates, conferences, open air events and the Bucharest Pride Marche

Bucharest Pride 2018 | 2-9 June

Bucharest Pride Marche 2018 | 9 June| 17:30 | Piața Victoriei - Piața Universității