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Nude of a Dark-Haired Woman Andreea David

For this performance, Andreea David worked in a solitary space, where she was the sole observer and her own critical eye from the future, through the recording camera. The artist thus turned into the subject of her own aesthetic judgement and the object of her own narcissism. Aware of the look, the nude body immediately adjusts, performs postures stereotypically associated to femininity and its representations, fetish images that constantly require perfecting. In this performance, the nude self-composes in its own landscape, it its own staging, is hiding behind its own representation and conceals itself in the outer look.



Performance: Andreea David

Performance produced by ColectivA and supported by the National Dance Centre of Bucharest

Artistic Consultant: Mădălina Dan

Acknowledgements: BlackHyperBox, Claudiu Lorand Maxim, Oana Hodade, Maria Mora and kata


Andreea David is a performer and architect. She trained in contemporary dance at the National Dance Centre of Bucharest. In 2012 she went on the scholarship programme of DanceWEBB Vienna and in 2013 at e.x.e.r.e.c.e. CCN Montpellier. She participated in festivals such as Explore Dance Festival, Impuls Tanz Vienna and Temps d’images Cluj. She worked and works with Adriana Gheorghe, Alina Popa, Florin Flueraș, Ingrid Berger Myhre (NO), Doris Uhlich (AT), Thomas Steyaert (BE), Mădălina Dan and Mihaela Dancs, for the performances and projects Duet, STAFF, scores #21 methods of elimination, BlackHyperBox, Coregrafie de grup [Group Choreography] și More than Naked.