Sun 31.10.2010    07:00

NTF ::: Stereoscopic Trilogy >> Sunday, October 31st, 19h00, Round Hall

Billy Cowie is a choreographer, composer and filmmaker. His work concentrates chiefly on dance/theater performance, screen dance and installation. With Liz Aggiss he has put up over twenty live performances as Divas Dance Theatre, a company that won him fame all over Europe. Sandler’s Wells Theatre and Victoria and Albert Museum in London, EMPAC in New York, and Bargate Gallery in Southampton are among the well-known venues of contemporary art where Billy Cowie was a guest. Also, major dance and film festivals compete to present his works and give him awards (Shoot Festival – Sweden, IMZ Festival – Austria, Cinecity Festival – UK, Temps d’Images – Germany). In 2006, Anarchic Dance, a book about the two choreographers, was published by Routledge.

The shows included in Stereoscopic Trilogy (In the Flesh, The Revery Alone, and Tango de Soledad) use a special type of 3-D projection that gives the audience the feeling that they share the same space as the dancers. Cowie is daring in choosing his projection spaces: the floor, with the image of the dancer mingling with the viewers, or the ceiling, giving the audience the sensation that the dancer is hovering above their heads in delicate balance. He combines elements of theater, cinema, poetry and music to create small gems of visual art in surprising, sensitive shows.

Photo: Silke Mansholt, Billy Cowie

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