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News from Polska - "pURe" performance, "The Tower" screening and "Exit Promises" concert

Sunday, April 9, 2017, 19h30



Choreography, concept and performance: Ramona Nagabczyńska

Music: Max Richter

Lights: Ramona Nagabczyńska and Maciej Połynko

Produced by: Maat Festival

Length: 30 min.

non-verbal performance


Ramona Nagabczyńska’s solo takes on the subject of the “natural” body, via the concept of ur-matter coined by Polish theatre icon Tadeusz Kantor. Ur-matter is the state which precedes illusion, the autonomous pre-existence of theatrical matter. In pURe, the choreographer uses the concept of ur-matter in relationship to her body. Instead of looking at the body as object of oppression, the choreographer shifts her focus to the body’s agency, will and ability to emancipate itself and impose its own order. By changing the question from ‘what does the body represent’ to ‘what does the body want’, the body is transported from the field of the symbolic to the field of needs, desires and fantasies.



Ramona Nagabczyńska studied at Warsaw State Ballet School, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt and then at The Place in London. She worked with various dance companies, independent choreographers, visual artists and theatre directors including Polish Dance Theatre (2005/2006), Fleur Darkin (Augustine 2006-2008), Tom Dale (Rise and Chodzenie 2008, 2009), Ula Sickle (Blind Spot 2009), Maria Stoklosa (Lets dance Chopin, 2010), Carrie Cracknell and Lucy Guerin (Throwing 2011), David Wampach (Cassette 2011-2014), Les Gens D’Uterpan (Avis D’Audition 2012- chosen in the audition), Kaya Kołodziejczyk (Brith Out and ATDK to KK, 2008-2013), Emma Martin (Dogs 2012), Junk Ensemble (Dusk Ahead, 2013-2015), Paulina Ołowska (Alphabet, 2014), Sjoerd Vreugdenhil (Unintended Consequences, 2014) Rebecca Lazier (There may be others, 2015-2016) and the Clod Ensemble, with whom she works continually (Red Ladies, 2008-2015, Under Glass, 2009-2010, An Anatomie, 2011-2013, Zero, 2013).


Her choreographic debut was Man’s Best Friend created in 2009 within the frame of the Solo Project program organized by Arts Station Foundation (Stary Browar) in Poznań. Later work includes video installation Turao/Dziw (2010) and New (Dis)Order (2012), Re//accumulation (2012), which is part of the RE//MIX cycle curated by Komuna//Warszawa, Dinge (2014), Actions to relate to Verbs (2015) and pURe (2015). In 2014 Ramona’s New (Dis)Order was chosen Aerowaves Priority Company. She is currently supported by the APAP international performing arts network.



The Tower - directed by Karolina Breguła


Length: 79 min.

- English subtitles -


The Tower is an opera musical about a group of people who live in the same concrete block of flats and who plan building a sugar tower together. Full of absurd and anxiety, the story of the utopian project is addressing the history of post war housing architecture analysing it from the position of its user, the inhabitant of a modernist city. The dreams and desires are juxtapositioned with difficult reality of life in the blocks and contradictions inscribed in the modernists' plans.

Featuring: Joanna Cortes, Nina Czerkies, Roman Holc, Borys Jaźnicki, Ewa Konstanciak, Sylwester Kostecki, Anna Lubańska, Krzysztof Łapiński, Maciej Nawrocki, Ewa Mikulska, Wojciech Parchem

Written and directed by Karolina Breguła

Music by Ela Orleans

Cinematography by Robert Mleczko

Sound by Weronika Raźna

Edited by Stefan Paruch

Produced by Fundacja Witryna



Karolina Breguła (b. 1979) – artist working in the fields of film, video, photography, installation and happening. Graduate of the Film School in Łódź, where she received her PhD in 2015. Her work explores the problems of the status of the artwork, the materiality of art objects and their functioning within the institutional frameworks. The artist also scrutinises the reception of contemporary art and undermines official art narrations, questioning their hermetic language and opening them to new interpretations. Breguła encourages viewers to actively participate in the process, to interact and to challenge the established manners of reception. The artist also explores the problematic of the social role of art and the myths that revolve around it. Despite her awareness of the involved limitations, Breguła attempts to take art out of the gallery space. Her films inhabit the borderland of contemporary art and the cinema – they are shown both at art galleries and film festivals. Her work has been exhibited at the National Museum in Warsaw, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, Jewish Museum in New York, and at the 55th International Art Exhibition in Venice. Breguła received the second prize in the competition Views 2013 – Deutsche Bank Award and the third prize in the 2007 Samsung Art Master contest. In 2016, her film Office for Monument Construction won the Golden Claw Award in the Visions Apart Competition at the 41st Gdynia Film Festival. Lives and works in Warsaw.


Concert Exit Promises - ZONE-L

Length:  30 min.

Exit Promises is a sound performance that allows listeners the opportunity to 'improve', playing on the notion of perpetually being sold an image of an better self.

Laura Hunt, also known as ZONE-L, works at the intersection of performance, video and sound to create threads of works that are concerned with the invisible. How do electro-magnetic fields and cyber video/audio sharing networks re-shape biology and spirituality? Her works are speculations/plausible futures to the effect of corporate culture.

The entry fee for the shows is 35 de lei (full price) or 20 de lei (reduced) can be purchased online from or from the Stere Popescu hall before the show (Mărăşeşti Bld. 80-82).