Tue 12.04.2011    08:00

NESOMN >> Tuesday, April 12th, 20h00, Sala Atelier (National Theater Bucharest)

We are restless beings of dreams, we project and generate dreams, we live them for ourselves, for others, others live them... We even live them for those that are gone, like they live them for us too.
The dream is the complex shape we go through continuously, where there are no kinds of rational borders. It is the multitude of dimensions we are part of. It is the lives we have lived, the shapes we have taken, it is about endlessness.
I had a dream about being a human, and here I am.
I am, but I am not.
I am a dream which dreams, it's likely my dreams have their own dreams. Yours have mine, mine have yours.

Arcadie Rusu

Tickets: 20 lei / 10 lei for students
Tickets can be bought from the National Theater's ticket office
The performance takes place at Sala Atelier (entrance through Opereta)