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May 18th ::: MOVING DIALOGUE Romania >> beginning at 19h00, Atelierul de Productie, Bucharest

Levi Gonzalez - “Intimacy”

After presenting my first full-evening show in March 2007, I have been reflecting on how I choose to engage with my own artistic process, and how that process is linked with the way that I approach institutions that aid in presenting dance work. To that end I have been primarily seeking out opportunities for research rather than production for the past four years. The performance of 2007 (Clusterfuck) seemed to me so concerned with being considered a “succesful” event that I felt I was pulled away from the more essential questions of why I make work in the first place. Since then, I have been engaging in different kinds of practices that can exist independent of production models, as well as thinking of different strategies and possibilities for approaching production.

The solo Intimacy is my first attempt to truly to commit to production, and to a sense of completion of many of these ideas. I felt that it was time to make something beyond a “work in progress”, to put more at stake in my process of inquiry. I have very clear ideas about what is important to me in dance and performance, but I have struggled with ways to actualize those ideas. As I’ve been engaging more deeply in my own interests and practices I’ve been uncovering my own personal relationship to performance and choreography. This work is a direct exploration of that desire, and an effort to trust that the questions I am asking in the studio can carry through into the finished work.

“Intimacy” attempts to bring the practice of making into the moment of live performance. In constructing material for this work, I prioritized instinct over concept, cultivating sensitivity to what resonated with me on a visceral level. By exploring the idiosyncracies of my own interests in movement and performance, I built a structure that exposes my own personal relationship to the form. Often framing the action with language, I establish a directness with the spectator that resists metaphor, while still leaving space for the engagement of the imagination. Ultimately the work examines the intimacy of the relationship between performer and audience, and how we navigate this shared experience. The solo was developed in collaboration with dramaturg Susan Mar Landau.

“There are dancers who dance. And then there are dancers who, no matter what they do, are recognizably and profoundly human; whatever they do pulls us in. Levi Gonzalez is one of these special ones.” --Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinitebody Blog

Levi Gonzalez is an independent choreographer living and working in New York City who has created a body of solo and group choreographic projects. He frequently works collaboratively with other artists from various mediums and is interested in examining the role and import of choreography and the body in contemporary culture.

“My work attempts to make dance and performance relevant to our contemporary moment. My aim is not for mastery or virtuosity in an existing form, but an examination and exploration of the ways in which the body and movement can create meaning on both a personal level and in the larger culture. I try to actively engage the audience’s perceptions by subverting and opening up the traditional frames of performance. We live in a culture dominated by visual imagery designed for quick and immediate consumption. How can a live performance create a space for a different, more expansive sense of attention and engagement? I’m interested in the intimacy of subtle perception, the way an experience can be charged beyond the visual, the metaphoric, the sensationalistic… In short, expanding the notion of perception. This exploration is deeply informed by a lifelong and rigorous exploration of the body – the container through which we experience the world – and the way that it constantly shifts and complicates our assumptions about knowledge and experience. If form and content are inextricably linked, how can we alter form to make visible the physical, the marginal, the liminal, the overlooked, the unexpected, and the unexpressed?

The very relevant concept of ‘presence’ has recently been heavily scrutinized in dance theory. In a society accustomed to grand spectacle, sophisticated marketing and a vast proliferation of technology, it is especially of interest to examine what it means to sit in a room with other people and share a communal experience with performers who speak primarily through the body. While less adaptable to the capitalist market system, dance has a special resonance as being one of the few environments where nothing is sold but an experience. It is the fluid power of this experience that fascinates me.”

Levi Gonzalez is a choreographer and performer living in Brooklyn. His work and his collaborations with luciana achugar have been presented by various NYC venues, including Movement Research, Dixon Place, Dance Theater Workshop, The Kitchen, and Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church. He has performed extensively with Donna Uchizono Company and John Jasperse Company, as well as Juliette Mapp, ChameckiLerner, Jeremy Nelson, Dennis O’Connor and Michael Laub’s Remote Control Productions. He was a Movement Research Artist-in-Residence from 2003-2004 and served on their Board of Directors. He recieved a 2006 Fellowship in Choreography from the New York Foundation for the Arts. He was a founding editor of Critical Correspondence, an online publication of Movement Research. He currently serves as the artistic advisor for DTW’s Fresh Tracks Residency Program. Levi has been awarded numerous residencies and space grants for the development of his work, including Springdance, BAX Artist in Residency, and a residency in Archauz, Denmark. Levi teaches technique and composition at Movement Research and with Dean Moss at various venues.

Mihaela Dancs - “Art and Life: day 91”

choreography: Deborah Hay
adaptation, performed by: Mihaela Dancs
with the support of CNDB

What if every cell in my body at once has the potential to look at life and call it art without stopping long enough to describe it? (Deborah Hay).
Art and Life: day 91 is Mihaela's adaptation of Deborah Hay' solo, Art and Life (Hay was a member of the Judson Dance Theater group, one of the most radical and explosive 20th century art movements). Last autumn Mihaela took part in the Solo Performing Commissioning Project (SPCP), Findhorn, Scotland, in which dancers commission a solo dance from Deborah Hay. She guides and coaches them in the performance of the solo during an 11-day period in a residency setting. At the conclusion of the residency each participant signs a contractual agreement to a daily solo practice of the new piece, for a minimum of three months before their first public performance.
about SPCP:
Her participation was made possible with the support of: Monica Botez, Rui Catalao, Cristian Cirjan, Arina Dobrescu, Lucian Iorga, Tudor Lucaciu, Andrei Rochian, Gabriel Stoicescu/Petrom LPG S.A.

Mihaela Dancs, independent performer and choreographer, worked among others with Pascal Allio, Allyson Green, Catalina Gubandru, Andreea Capitanescu, Bernard Baumgarten, Florin Flueras, Maria Baroncea & Eduard Gabia, Vava Stefanescu, Robin Dingemans, Madalina Dan. Works include collaborations with Rui Catalao (Coada Soricelului, Follow That Summer) and Carmen Cotofana (First Steps), solos. (Reprogramare, Lulu's Room), being presented in theatres, apartments, attics, art galleries, factories, churches, dance studios in Bucharest, Cluj, New York, San Diego, Viena, Londra, etc. In 2010 she was a danceWeb scholar in Vienna.

HeJin Jang

Artist's statement:
As an artist who lies between two different cultures,
I am dancing for what is incomplete. what is somewhat insecure.
I make dances and videos to support the inbetween.
I dance to live here.
To live here is to not live here.
To live here is not to live here.
To live here is to live not here.
To live here is to live here not.
To survive here is to not survive here.
To forget there is to not forget there.
To miss there is to not miss there.

I make dances for the forgotten.
I dance for what is missing. What is not shared.
uncovering what is not sealed in our memories.
Or for some vivid memories from those who are forgotten.
I dance for what is laying inbetween our memories.
My dance is a mirror which reflects what had been not reflected.
It is mirroring unnamed images.

HeJin Jang

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, HeJin Jang is a multi-city based choreographer, performer, teacher, video artist and writer. She holds BS from Seoul National University, MFA from University of Michigan and Hollins University/American Dance Festival. Jang has performed through New York and internationally including Bristol (U.K.), London (U.K.), Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), Nancy (France), Essen (Germany), Montreal (Canada), Seoul (Korea) among others. Jang had pleasure performed in works by Alexandra Beller, Peter Sparling, Robin Wilson, Doug Varone, Tatiana Baganova, Emily Wexler, Helen Simoneau, and Jérôme Bel among many. Jang is a Recipient of Arts Council Korea Fellowship (Korea, '09-present); Recipient of NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artist (New York, ’10-present); Movement Research Artist-In-Residency (New York, '10-11); Recipient of DanceWeb Fellowship (Vienna, '11). She also is a former dancer of SIWIC ensemble (Switzerland, '09), American Dance Festival Faculty (Durham, '09-10). Movement Research Faculty (New York, '10).

Moving Dialogue is initiated and organised by Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, National Dance Center Bucharest, Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Movement Research and Dance Theater Workshop.
Moving Dialogue Romania is made possible with the financial support of the Romanian Cultural Institute and, in part, of the Trust for Mutual Understanding.
Moving Dialogue is dedicated to Gabriela Tudor.

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