Thu 29.04.2010    08:00

Manteau long en laine marine... >> Thursday, April 29th, 20.00h, Round Hall

"Sharp attack but relaxed.
Speak about life, death and sex.
Spare a choreographer.
Take trivial things seriously.
Be radical without being radically boring.
Avoid venues which everybody knows that nobody comes.
Is it important to shave pubic hairs for this show?
Is it necessary to give all?
Is it necessary to prevent audience from sleeping?
To lie.
Enjoy being on stage to feel great and sexy.
Unveil some intimacy but not too much.
Make the audience not believe their eyes.
Be unfaithful to the authors of the show.
Do not claim that what is being done is true to life.
Do accessible things but at the same time slightly indecent.
Be nude without being nude.
Wonder if what is being done is really art."
(Delgado Fuchs)

Delgado Fuchs present seductive undressing and a neutral, distant tone through warm-up exercises which move the pelvis in an ad hoc way. This transforms the audience into voyeurs watching a falsely naive couple. Whether dressed or not and to music which is perfectly soothing, they always maintain their composure. The paradox of bodies which expose themselves, but are nevertheless prudish, is shown through a dance where, when naked, one dancer's hand protects the privacy of the other...

Delgado Fuchs is a collective of artists born in March 2002 in Berne (Switzerland), formed by Nadine Fuchs and Marco Delgado, both dancers and choreographers. They produce performances and installations which consequently push the audience to rethink body and movement out of a strictly dance context. On the fringe of the usual half serious – half trivial labels, their work thrives on ambiguity. By constantly reformulating its theme, by varying the perspectives, Delgado Fuchs reveal through action the versatile nature of identity subject to multiple ways of being.

Of Spanish origin, young Marco Delgado spends his childhood in a popular Brussels neighborhood. Football is his first passion. Later on his father wants him to become a responsible person and obligates him to become a turner milling machine operator…
He starts his career as a dancer at conservatoire Royal de Brussels during the day and in a strip tease club called “Happy few” at night. His famous hip movement persuaded the director from Opera Liege to give him a solo position within his company. After this experience, he craves for the sun and hot nights and ends up in the Canarien Islands where he works again in different nightclubs. A job for the Nomades dance company brings him to Switzerland and he stays there to work for different freelance projects and to create the collective Delgado Fuchs in 2002 in Bern.

Nadine Fuchs was born in Bern, Switzerland. She studied classical and contemporary dance at Anne Woolliams School and the SBBS (Schweizerische Ballettberufsschule) in Zurich and completed her training at the Rudra Bejart Atelier in Lausanne. She danced for different companies such as Nomades le Loft, Alias, Bern Ballett, Cie Arthur Kuggeleyn and Cie Nicole Seiler. She later on explores more experimental contemporary researches and starts with Marco Delgado the Delgado Fuchs Collective.