Mon 24.05.2010    09:00

LUVSTORY >> Monday, May 24th, 20.00h, at GREEN HOURS

insideout / itself state of love, apologies for the disturbance or "luvstory" state of love: you fall in love going down in history. If "love story" is a story of happy, lived, ended relations, "luvstory" is the story of a defeated inner world, hearts and emotions looking for a way out and ground , and neurotic , introversive expression of hitting on walls, corners...

Ekrem Pehlivan (Milliyet gazetesi blog'dan)

During these few years, Çağlar Yiğitoğulları has been involved in many different performances in theatre and in private projects. His last performance was with the Romanian director Mihai Maniutiu as Theresias in Bachae. In 2009, he acted in Klauss Mann’s Mephisto as Alex. In 2008, he had the role of the Messanger in Macbeth.
Besides the theatrical projects, he performed in the collective work of dance, choreography and music in the “Luvstory”. Before this he made “Wash Yourself In Your Tears and Build Your Church Of Your Faith” – also known as “Diss” - with his superviser Handan Ergiydiren. The concept and the performance were his own creation. Also in 2008, he took part in Handan Ergiydiren’s group project ”Let Me See Your Wet Bathing Suit” and in 2007 he had a performance in “Glassmen”, which was a duo with the choreographer Ilyas Odman as Garajİstanbul’s production. Glassmen project was performed in many different countries and festivals such as “Extra 2009” festival in France in 2009, ”Theatre di Vita” in Italy in 2007, ”Festival della Rocche” in 2007 in Italy as well.