Sat 29.01.2011    07:00

Lulu's Room & Extraterrestrial Activity >> Saturday, January 29th, 19h00, Round Hall


"Could this be a collective work of the ones that inhabit me? I proposed them a collaboration without being aware, not for a single second, of what I have put myself into. There are times when it looks that they really don't care about the artistic process in which they're involved. There are times when they shake their host, a feverish energy takes over, they talk at the same time, they argue for all kind of reasons, they judge themselves and the others, they turn their bodies inside out, as if they are in a race and they try to catch something that always vanishes. When we discuss only I know what I hear. Who decides? What are we doing, what do we think we are doing and why are we doing what we are doing? I hope we eventually come to peace. And if I lose my authority I will not be responsible for the outcome."
Mihaela Dancs

Mihaela Dancs graduated Dentistry in 1999 and started dancing in 2004. She collaborated with choreographers such as: Pascal Allio, Allyson Green, Cătălina Gubandru, Andreea Căpitănescu, Florin Flueraş, Maria Baroncea, Eduard Gabia, Bernard Baumgarten, Vava Ştefănescu, Mădălina Dan. She created Reprogramare, Coada Şoricelului and Follow that Summer (together with Rui Catalao), First Steps (together with Carmen Coţofană), Lulu's Room.
In 2010 she collaborates with Robin Dingemans for live, with the certain tendencies of robin dingemans & mihaela dancs she takes part in the danceWEB Scholarship Programme/Vienna and in Deborah Hay's Solo Performing Commissioning Project.


The Greys made contact with a world governmental body for the first time in 1933 in Germany. However, they were turned away by the German government because it had already committed itself to involvement with the Giza intelligence. A renegade group of human extraterrestrials that were headquartered under the Giza plateau in Egypt. They were predominantly Pleadians. They were on their own, doing their own thing. Ashtar, Commigal, and even Jehovah were a part of the group, for some time. They came down here and played God with us.

Alexandra Pirici graduated, in 2001, from “Floria Capsali” Choreography Highschool – Bucharest. In between 1997-2000 she was a scholarship student at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School. In 2005 she graduated from the National University for Drama and Film – Choreography section. She works as an independent choreographer and performer. Productions: “In bloom”, “Sprint”, “Not a life saving device”, “Show”, “You should know that he drank like an old whale”. Her work has been presented at the Balkan Dance Platform, Bucharest Biennale, Kanuti Gilde Saal –Tallinn, National Museum of Art – Bucharest, Nottdance Festival - UK (Artists sharing), etc. In 2008, together with Andrei Dinu, she initiated “The May Salon”- a squatting project. She collaborated with the choreographers Joe Alegado, Ioana Macarie, Eduard Gabia and attended workshops with Joe Alegado, Kombina Dance Company, Mark Tompkins, David Zambrano, Lisa Nelson, Inge Kaindlsdorfer, Leah Stein, John Jasperse, Martin Sonderkamp, Brynjar Bandlien.