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LIKE2018// Solo in Progress

Created and performed by: Cristian Nanculescu & Nicoleta Moise

Written by: Cristian Nanculescu

Graphic design: Alin Cincă

Translation and subtitle: Alice Venir

Production: RAP/CNDB (National Centre for Dance in Bucharest), Oana Mardare

Financed by: AFCN (Administration of the National Cultural Fund)

Partners: Colectiv A, Fabrica de Pensule

Length: 50 min



"Solo in Progress," is an archive of personal and professional, intimate or public experiences of a single body, which is being approached and represented from two distinct bodily perspectives.

We materialize the dual state of perception. We enter into dialogue with our self-critical thinking. We compose, compress and outsource the emotional identity. We document the physical history of the body. We de-contextualize the affective memory and we re-sexualize the erotic one.



Cristian Nanculescu (1984, București, România) works in diverse areas as a performer and choreographer, for dance creations, theatre-dance, performance, visual art and long durational performance pieces for the museum context. He develops independent projects, working individually or in collaborations, mostly in the frame of the black box using instruments such as bodily-emotional archiving, deconstruction, abstraction, fiction, body-variations, non-narration, real time composition, written and spoken text, nonsense and irony, video and sound. His works have been presented at the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest, at the HomeFest Festival in Bucharest, at the LIKE CNDB Festival and at Fabrica de Pensule in Cluj-Napoca, among others.

Nicoleta Moise (b.1989, Bucharest) works as a visual artist with found or searched archival images, with a recent interest for performing arts. In 2016 she published her artist book “I am Not Entirely Happy Unless I am Here, In My Country”. Her projects have been exhibited and presented at: Zona C, Santiago de Compostela (2018), Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles (2017),ști (2016), Fundación La Posta, Valencia (2016), Galeria Posibila (2014) and Donau Universität Krems (2013), among others.