Wed 18.04.2018    17:00    map

LIKE2018// 37 Minutes of Make Believe

Choreographer & performer: Andreea Novac

Producer: Colectiv A  through the Collective Creation Fund

Partner: CNDB

Co-funded by: The Administration of the National Cultural Fund

Length: 37 min


"Fantasy and reality are equally personal, and equally felt, so their confusion is a matter of only relative importance."

Luis Buñuel                                                           

37 minutes of make believe makes use of movement and spoken word to facilitate the encounter between the performer’s imagination and that of the public. The performance is an interplay between the spoken word and interpretation, between movement and materialisation, between what it is and what it could be. The result is a show which is deeply influenced by each spectator’s willingness to perceive, remember and imagine.



Andreea Novac is a choreographer and performer. She works and lives in Bucharest. She studied psychology and then choreography. She presented her shows “Dance a playful body”, “Pretend we make you happy”, “On tenderness” in Romania and abroad. She was awarded fellowships and creative residencies in Italy, Great Britain, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria and Hungary, research fellowships on movement in Italy and, over the years, she has conducted a considerable number of contemporary dance workshops. She creates choreography for film and theatre.