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LIKE//Singing Romanian Dance History/Kepler not Kopernikus (live) & FLUID (live)

Singing Romanian Dance History

Producer: CNDB
By&with: Paul Dunca & Eduard Gabia (coord.), Alexandra Andronic, Alex Bălă, Valeriu Borcoș
Length: 1h 20min

The project aims to present important moments and notable personalities from the history of Romanian contemporary dance through music.
The choreographers Eduard Gabia and Paul Dunca, along with Alexandra Andronic, Valeriu Borcoș (Karpov not Kasparov, Kepler not Kopernikus) and Alex Bălă (Plurabelle, FLUID) aim to translate from one artistic medium to another, starting from their conviction that music and dance are in a constant conversation and mutual questioning.
Their collaboration consists of a music album, available online for free, and a live concert.


Eduard Gabia and Paul Dunca have studied and worked in contemporary dance, but both have gravitated towards musical projects and are now active in both fields.
Eduard Gabia is the drummer of Karpov not Kasparov (80s oriental-electro-clash) and Kepler not Kopernikus, while Paul Dunca is the vocalist of FLUID (a techno-faggothique queer act). The two bands are singular and notorious presences on the Romanian contemporary art scene. Up to now, the two project coordinators have collaborated in choreographic projects notable in the Romanian contemporary dance scene, but never in a music project.

Ticket type Red

Full price 30lei/ reduced price for students, pensioners: 15 lei (acces to the closing party included)


Closing party – Kepler not Kopernikus (live) & FLUID (live)

March 26, 21h00

Tickets are 10 lei for those who come only for the concerts.