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LIKE//Self no. 10

Producer: Elena Copuzeanu
Author&choreographer: Elena Copuzeanu
Dramaturge: Elena Copuzeanu (with Vera Ion's support through the experience gained at her Write about Yourself courses for dramaturgical writing, and through feedback)
Cast: Elena Copuzeanu
Music: Nicolas Jaar & Sasha Spielberg - Avalanche, Radiohead - Lotus Flower, Mercan Dede
Costumes, scenography, light designer: Elena Copuzeanu
Sound designers: Elena Copuzeanu, Marian Cîtu & Tudor Cotiga

Video: Pollak Lavinia
Length: 40 min


The self is the way in which an individual refers to himself. This type of reference is, necessarily, subjective, which means the self is simply a subject's reference to the same subject. The self is the unconscious extension of the "I", encapsulating the identity structures of personality, the unconscious tendencies and guiding the mental activity of the individual.
The self is material - physical (self-image), spiritual (self-image on a cultural, informative level) and social (social identity).
This piece is part of a series of works triggered on one hand by the relationship we have with ourselves in various psycho-social-cultural contexts, and on the other hand by introspection (self-analysis) versus the objectifying and presenting of what ensues from this process.
Elena Copuzeanu graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Visual Arts and the MA in Multimedia and Conceptual Art with Lawrence Weiner and has gained an experience and education in dramaturgy and contemporary dance by taking part between 2010 and 2016 in various performance, contemporary dance, dramaturgy and theatre workshops at CNDB, WASP etc.
Her works define her as an interdisciplinary artist, encompassing public space interventions, visual art exhibitions and dance/performance shows. She initiated fashion design projects with the designer Mihaela Crețescu, did graffiti works in private spaces in Bruxelles and has had her drawings exhibited in collections at the National Contemporary Art Museum and in NY.


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