Sat 25.03.2017    19:30    map

LIKE//I Am Just About

Producer: CNDB

Choreographer&performer: Andreea David

How do we make the distinction between the concrete space of the theatre and the reality of the imaginary space? And how can one stand between the two? Where is the meeting point between the imagined spaces and the real, visible ones?
In my studio practice, I wanted to see what happens if I short-circuit the normal time for the unfolding of an action and to see what kind of time is then established in the performative space in the moment of the interruption, or what kind of space is infiltrated, charged with other frames of reference and conventions. What happens when imagination disturbs the logic of things, their natural course. Following the way in which contemporary capitalism organises, what happens if you create a small crack in a very well ensconced, established and familiar system, a distortion in the mechanism for recognising things?

This show was initially developed within the Black Hyperbox project proposed by Florin Flueraș and Alina Popa and then continued with the support of the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest.


Andreea David is a performer and architect. She studied contemporary dance at the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest. In 2012 she was a DanceWEB scholar in Vienna and in 2013 at e.x.e.r.e.c.e. CCN Montpellier. She creates solos and collaborates with other artists, taking part in festivals such as Explore Dance Festival Bucharest, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Temps d’Images Cluj and LIKE CNDB. In 2014, she initiated the Laboratory for Common Practices, a system for working and experimenting that encourages the sharing, developing and exploring of choreographic and performative practices.

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