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Producer: Teatrul „Szigligeti Színház” (Oradea)

Director: Dimény Levente

Choreographers: Andreea Belu, Brugós Sándor–Csaba, Dimény Levente, Györfi Csaba, Juhász Zsolt, László Csaba, Kerekes Dalma–Gabriella, Tőkés Imola, Baczó Tünde

Dramaturg: Szalay Tamás

Music: Cári Tibor

Costumes&scenography: Cristina Breteanu

Light designer: Lázár Attila

Sound designer: Jonucz Gabi

Supported by: Bethlen Gábor Alap & National Cultural Fund of Hungary

Length: 70 min

"Collisions" speaks about people nowadays. Men and women, distinct stories and events, yet at the same time interconnected, outlining a diverse portrait of ourselves.Who are we? Sometimes nice, other times full of weaknesses, we yearn for love, but if we get it, we no longer know what to do with it. We fight with others and with ourselves, we support or crush each other, accept and refuse, cry and laugh together. We collide each day, we drift apart, and then we rediscover each other.
This is a fine and dangerous line, because who knows where the border between love and cruelty, revenge and redemption is really drawn? Images and sketches about us people.

Ticket type Yellow

Full price: 40 lei/Reduced price for students, pensioners: 20 lei

Students from the invited highschools enjoy free admission, if the show doesn’t have an age limit. Online tickets can be purchased on, or from the Stere Popescu Hall, before each show. Tickets for the shows hosted by the Nottara Theatre, ARCUB and the Odeon Theatre shall be purchased from their respective ticket offices.