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Producer: CNDB & LINOTIP Centru Independent Coregrafic

Author&choreographer: Arcadie Rusu

Dramaturg: Arcadie Rusu

Cast: Arcadie Rusu, Ioana Marchidan, Alin State, Galea Bobeicu, Diana Spiridon, Alex Călin

Music: Alexandru Suciu

Costumes, scenographer, light designer: Hermina Stănciulescu

Sound designer: Alexandru Suciu

Media partners: Liternet, SUB25, Arte și meserii

Length: 1h


Contemporary dance show about the illusion of stability.

About the contemporary man and the city as jungle, in which every organism tries to survive as best it can. Our thoughts represent a multitude of projections on reality and the things that should align to a normality in which we would live our lives.
But what happens in a society when disinterest rules, or when personal material aspirations are the main purpose?
That is when imbalance sets in, and we stumble everyday in real situations: endless queues, hospitals, bureaucracy, building sites, drug stores, mentalities, types of communication, getting angry and losing control.
Hope is forever drained by all this, the hope which allows man to move on, always find a balance, dance.

Arcadie Rusu is a choreographer, dancer and director of the Independent Choreographic Centre LINOTIP. For the show "Mind Control", he was awarded with the UNATC alumni gala prize for best dance show. Since 2007, he has been a part of the "Gigi C
ăciuleanu Romanian Dance Company", participating in such shows choreographed by Gigi Căciuleanu as "La folia", "D'ale Noastre" and "Oui Ba Da”. He took part in master classes conducted by Alexei Levinskiy, Carolyn Carlson and Ziya Azazi. He created, directed, wrote and choreographed the shows "Working progress Eli 12”, "World Cityzen”, "Hunted Devotion”, "Nesomn”, "Crazy Stories in The City” and "Promised Land”.


Ticket type Red

Full price: 30 lei/ Reduced price for students, pensioners: 15 lei

Students from the invited highschools enjoy free admission, if the show doesn’t have an age limit. Online tickets can be purchased on, or from the Stere Popescu Hall, before each show. Tickets for the shows hosted by the Nottara Theatre, ARCUB and the Odeon Theatre shall be purchased from their respective ticket offices.