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LIKE//Alcohol - Nottara Theatre

A musical by Mihai Măniuțiu and Ada Milea, with lyrics by Ion Mureșan
Producător/Producer: Teatrul Nottara
Cu/With: Ada Milea, Vava Ștefănescu, Ada Navrot, Crenguța Hariton, Ioana Calotă, Gabriel Răuță, Alexandru Jitea, Bobo Burlăcianu, Alexandru Neagu, Vladimir Ivanov
Director: Mihai Măniuțiu
Scenographer: Adrian Damian
Original music: Ada Milea
Choreographer: Vava Ștefănescu
Light design: Cristian Șimon
Length: 1h 10min
"Ion Mureșan's poems from the Alcohol Book inventively and courageously gather the seedy stories of alcoholics beyond borders. And beyond language barriers. They've been set to music by Ada Milea, who voluptuously explores the expressivity of the verse, subtly juggling between a healthy humour and lyrical intoxication. Vava Ştefănescu provides, through dance, the contrasting substance, to mark the playful and the profound, the body and soul contortions, the philosophical touch and the virility of the poetry. Here, on the temple-like stage of charms, souls play and cry, sing and laugh, lead us into a dream that could reveal the world to them and to us." (Corina Anghel, literary secretary)
Born in 1954 in Cluj, Mihai Măniuțiu is a professor at the Theatre and Television Faculty from "Babeş-Bolyai” University (Cluj) and at the California Irvine University, USA. He directed over 100 productions in Romania, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Canada, Egypt, Austria, Hungary, Finland, former Yugoslavia and Brazil, a lot of them awarded with various prizes: Cervantes' Don Quijote, Venedikt Erofeev's Walpurgis Night, Aeschylus and Euripide's Electra, Georg Büchner's Woyzeck, Gellu Naum's Exactly at the Same Time, Shakespeare's Timon of Athens and Richard II, Sofocle's Antigone etc.
"Lives embedded in Alcohol and brick, that's what you could call a show at the boundary between theatre and music, humour and sorrow, hope and damnation, lucidity and forgiveness, between a world that could be luminous, yet it buries itself in an abyss." -
Ticket type Yellow
Full price: 40 lei/Reduced price for students, pensioners: 20 lei