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Concept and interpretation: Cristina Lilienfeld
Sound: Brian Eno: The Big Ship by Portishead: The RIP
Produced by: Centrul de Cultura “George Apostu” Bacău and Centre Choregraphique Trois C-L
It is performed regularly at the National Dance Center Bucharest

“The starting point for my project was an image which had a lot of emotional and sensual impact over me. In this image I saw the human living skin and how it changes with time, how it peels off and always regenerates. 
I started to ask myself what guards my skin, what does it guard in somebody else, what hidden emotions or needs are transmitted through skin and what’s the memory of my skin.  For me it’s very interesting how skin changes with every difference in the external and internal medium; how it offers a very expressive view of life, movement, death. I asked myself :what kind of  movement answer does tactile stimulation bring? What kind of emotional responses I get in seeing certain images with the skin?  How clearly can I communicate through touching?  How can I bring with subtlety the images of change, time passing, regeneration into a performance?  
I’m proposing a continuous dialogue between the sound, tactile sense and movement. Lay(ers) is performance about vulnerability and the fight to get inside the emotional  body, it’s about showing and offering and receiving the audience inside me.” Cristina Lilienfeld

“The work progressed into a full blown provocation of social paradigm as it relates to body image, introspection, and authenticity. Both illusory and literal, Lay(ers) was an abstraction of boundaries but remained concretely experiential for those courageous enough to participate. Although the beginning phases were beautifully organic, Lay(ers) reached its climax when Lilienfeld breached the fourth wall by prompting audience members to enter the stage and paint her skin with the first words that came to mind at the sight of her body. “ Miranda Chantelois-Seattle International Dance Festival

The piece was created in August 2013 during the Artist(n)est Recidency Programme (sustained by George Apostu Center, Bacau and Centre Troi C-L de Luxemburg) and in October 2013 it won Alt Concurs Naţional de Coregrafie (The National Choregraphy Contest) organized by Secţia de Coregrafie in Bucharest. This performance was presented at The National Dance Centre of Bucharest throughout 2014 and 2015 including in the Romanian Dance Showcase (in April 2014) and at the Seattle International Dance Festival (Beyond The Threshold) and will be a part of Dancing Roads Programme.

CRISTINA LILIENFELD studied choreography and psychology and constantly searched for the space where the two meet. She recently worked and continues to work with various choreographers and performers, as well as with visual artists and musicians, as she is part of different interdisciplinary art groups. Her performances, “Lay(ers), “They're not All Heroes” as well as many performances in which she dances are still present on the stages of Bucharest and elsewhere locally and internationally. In both her art and the workshops she coordinates, Cristina looks to bring out the authentic in every situation she is in.